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Educators at TG's Child Care Urangan QLD

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

TG's Educators paddle the canoe together

Educators at TG's Child Care have been paddling the canoe together for the past 22 years across their six centres. They work, play and live as a team and are welcoming to new educators, and embrace and celebrate each other's experiences and gifts.

TG's educators understand the standards and expectations to go above and beyond in their commitment, dedication and the quality of care given to the children, families and communities.

TG's is a safe place not just for the children but also for our educators. TG's is proud of its inclusive culture where educators, team leaders and the management feel respected, listened to and supported.

Their educators are as important to us as the children, and it is their gifts and personal touch that make TG’s an extended family and a second home that feels so loving to the children who come through our doors every day.

Get to know our new TG's Child Care Urangan Educators

Alicia Moody is TG's Child Care Urangan's new Centre Manager. She has worked in Early Childhood for 19 years and is extremely passionate about her role supporting children, families and our local community. She sees every child as an amazing world in themselves, regardless of their age and Alicia loves connecting with each one and learning about their experiences, interests and background.

Skye has been part of the TG's Family for the past 8 years and has been lending a hand with setting up TG's Child Care Urangan in the past few months. Skye is with the Joeys (0-2 yrs) this year at TG's Child Care - Urangan and ready to get set and go!

Belinda Russo is TG's University-qualified Early Childhood Teacher and the Team Leader in our Kindergarten Room at TG's Child Care, Urangan. For Belinda, her definition of happiness is “a child´s biggest and loudest laugh”.

Lutania loves exploring nature and making magic brews but she is doing it with TG’s children who are always up for an adventure or two in TG's beautiful gardens!

Luzmar Carrasco was originally from Venezuela. Becoming a mother is a dream come true for Luzmar. Even when she was a child, she loved playing mommy to all of her cousins. She has been practising her whole life for this wonderful educator role!

Gracie has been working in Early Childhood for four years and she has also obtained her diploma. That is an achievement considering her young age.

TG's Child Care and Kindergarten, Urangan, Queensland

Children 0 to 5 years

Mon - Fri: 6:30am-6:30pm

Open 52 weeks per year

Licensed for 73 places

Healthy Meals Provided

Sign up here to experience the TG's Way


61 Miller St, Urangan QLD 4655

t/ (07) 4184 2282


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