Special Characteristics of TG's Child Care Amazing Educators

Updated: Jun 17

✦ So what is it that makes a TG's Educator so special? Is there a unique formula to identify what makes a TG's Educator?

We've found they all share these four amazing characteristics. If you find yourself nodding your head as you're reading these characteristics, there may be a budding TG's Educator in you that is excited to come out. Curious? Then visit TG's Child Care and find out more to experience the TG's Way!

Here's how to tell if someone is a TG's Educator.

1. Home Away from Home

Going to work is like going home. The people you see at work are like your extended family. They have your back. Always.

What makes TG's Child Care stand out is how it supports and nurtures their educators with the same importance as the learning journey they create for the children.

TG's is a home away from home for the educators because here, they are heard, valued, respected and cared for. That's why for TG's Educators, going to work is not really going to work. It's like going home, and they love doing that every day!

Alicia Moody is the Centre Manager at TG's Urangan, and for her, she loved spending time away with her family and she has many beautiful memories of family holidays, celebrations, and anecdotes from camping and fishing trips. This is what she brings to TG's now - this same loving quality from her family to the children and educators under her care. TG's is where Alicia feels right at home.