New Year New Career at TG's Child Care where Playing is Learning for Life

Updated: Jun 16

✦ Do you know what it's like working at TG's? TG's Educators love going to TG's every day, and here's why!

Have you ever wondered about that dream job where you get to do exactly what you love, where you enjoy getting up in the mornings, ready to go to work?

This isn't some non-existent Utopia - it actually is possible and if you have met one of TG's Educators, you'll know what that means.

If you think about the number of hours we spend every single day at work, it would make sense to say that our work environment is really important. It's not just about getting a job to pay the rent and feed the children. We want to have a job where we feel fulfilled, valued, appreciated and that we are contributing our skills and experience, where in our own little way we can make a difference.

And if we actually have FUN at work then that's a huge bonus! It's an emotional salary that is not always a given in every job. Today we get a glimpse into the world of TG's Educators and find out why they love what they do.


People who are appreciated always do more than what is expected.

You've probably read this quote before, and many share personal experiences of how they are motivated to go the extra mile simply because their bosses, colleagues or clients show appreciation of what they do.

TG's Child Care has always stood out with their strong presence across regional Australia where they are well-known and loved for their commitment to high quality care, education and community engagements and their diversity and inclusivity.

What people may not know is even with their Educators, TG's is also highly committed to nurturing them and giving their Educators just as much importance, attention and care as they do to the children and families.

It is no wonder that TG's Child Care has won quite an arsenal of awards for the business side of what they do:

  • Inaugural Uralla Shire Business Awards 2018

  • Employer of Choice at the Armidale Regional Business Awards 2017

  • Excellence in Business at the Armidale Regional Business Awards 2017

  • Excellence in Business at the Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2017

  • Gayle Kee - Business Leader of the Year - Armidale 2015

TG's educators are valued, loved, and nurtured as part of the TG's Family. What makes TG's Educators stand out is how they value their role as more than just a job. TG's families often show gratitude for how the Educators go beyond to make sure their children feel right at home and loved at TG's.

TG's takes care of their Educators and values their own individual learning journeys. TG's tailor-made staff development programmes allow the Educators to grow their careers and develop TG's culture. Their education and learning journey is every bit as important as that of the children.

There is a beautiful cycle of paying it forward with the loving kindness at TG's - the Educators celebrate the children's unique milestones on their learning journeys, and TG's in turn celebrate each Educator's unique gifts and milestones too.

TG's Educators have to juggle between work, family and their training for an early childhood certification. TG's makes it possible and motivating for their Educators to want to learn and grow. TG's environment is primed for this. The Educators thrive in a flexible and supportive environment where there are opportunities made available for them. Just like the beautiful cycle of life in TG's, because the Educators have been given so much, they in return are eager to offer their gifts to make TG's thrive.

Laura Mowle, Area Manager at TG's Child Care Wauchope

Laura Mowle, Area Manager for Wauchope has experienced this herself during her professional career at TG's. For Laura, as every opportunity is a gift at TG's, she is always ready with her motto of ´give it a go´. And it has stood her well as it brought her to her current position at TG's today. She joined the TG's Family at the Armidale campus in 2010. From being an Educator, she grew to take on the roles of Team Leader and Educational Leader. While it meant having to relocate, she was ready for the challenge and wanted it. Laura studied for her Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood and became Centre Manager at TG’s High Street in 2016. In 2020, she became Area Manager for Wauchope, and she continues to give back to TG's every single day.


For TG's Educators, TG's is not a place of work and toil to be delayed with several alarm snoozes and as many cups of coffee as possible.