TG’s Child Care is Bringing the Joy of Home into Work

Updated: Jun 17

As they say, if you find a job you love, you never have to work a day in your life.

Imagine having a job where you love going to everyday, that is filled with joy, laughter, love, adventure and fun…

Sounds like a utopian dream? That is what TG's Child Care is like, and we have seven amazing women here who have experienced this joyful way of living, playing and being at TG's.

As we celebrate International Women's Day on March 8th, we want to celebrate these seven beautiful educators who are Playing it Forward with joy and confidence and encouraging others to do the same.

The Magic of TG's

TG's Child Care is one of Australia's leading early learning preschool. kindergarten and long day care provider for children 6 weeks to 6 years old. They are well-known and trusted by families since 1999 for their high quality education services.

What makes TG's stand out and so well-loved in each community they are growing in is their beautiful philosophy of Playing is Learning for Life. Everything they do at TG's is built on their three foundation stones of Building Relationships, Understanding Gifts and Collective Thinking, affectionately known as the TG's Way, all of which create a unique culture of love, trust, respect, compassion and fun where children love to learn and are eager to come to every day. And it is not just the children who love coming here. It is the educators who are also delighted to come through TG's doors and gardens every morning!

It is quite an impressive feat to create a workspace that is supportive of women, that is joyous and loving to be in, and which allows for a healthy balance between one´s professional and personal life.

The modern woman often finds herself in a quandary of having to give up a career to build a family, and if they do continue with a career, they are stretched thin in trying to be a Superwoman in all areas to everyone.

That is why modern families love and appreciate TG's and what they do. TG's lovingly steps in to support families to nurture their children, so women can continue with a career guilt-free and feeling relieved, knowing their children are in good hands and thriving each day.

TG's does not take over the role of parenting - if anything, they actively involve families in their children's growth, milestones and development. Each child finds in TG's an extended family that is safe, loving and fun.

What some people may not know is that there are TG's children who have loved TG's so much they eventually returned to TG's as adults to work as educators, and there are others who started off as TG's parents and who were so convinced of TG's magic they signed on to become TG's educators! This is a big stamp of approval of how TG's is doing it right, and everyone just cannot get enough of TG's!

We want to introduce you to the seven special women at TG's who are examples of how one can take on several roles and enjoy every challenge and opportunity each role brings.

Because of the support and nurturing respectful environment at TG's, these women can be mothers, wives, educators, teammates, friends and grow in all these roles without sacrificing one for the other. And the beauty of it all is how they play each role with joy, energy and confidence, and how they nurture and support one another to keep growing their gifts and give back to the community.

Meg Barnden-Hyde - Growing Gifts in her Gardens

Meg dreams of having a field of beautiful flowers of every single colour and variety on her property one day. While that is in the pipeline, she has been busy growing and nurturing her team of educators and the children under her care at TG's.

As Centre Manager, Meg sets the standard for high professionalism for her team and all they do. What Meg tells her team of educators is how each of their unique gifts makes a difference to children and families. Everyone matters and has a voice that is heard.

Educators lovingly respect and support each other on the team and they are all different flowers in the same garden. This is what makes TG's a beautiful place to work. TG's is flexible in accommodating what educators need, be it their family or professional development.

Meg encourages each educator to reach their fullest potential and she is the first to be the supportive role model with her creative ideas. Meg is ready for some fun with the children and she can also be the rock solid presence educators turn to for guidance. Meg loves being a Mother Hen not just to the children but also to her team of educators.

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