Live Work Play - all in a Backyard Pod

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Backyard Pods is the home of Australia's most reliable, versatile, and affordable flat-pack modular building kits.

For Melanie Williamson, it is her dream for everyone to easily enjoy an extra room made from practical materials at affordable prices. Top that off with a nice design ethic, great energy efficiency and plenty of options for customisation. A dream come true!

To access this dream, you can start with a basic backyard pod kit of 3m x 3m flat-pack from A$3,656 with options to add a deck or verandah from A$1,592 plus doors and windows. Not bad when you think of all the things you can do with these pods.

Office and Play Pods

How about a Pod Office where you can work distraction-free with the convenience of being close to home?

I saw what Adrian from Strathmore, Victoria did with the 3.6m x 5m pod kit with Eaves and Blade Walls in Colorbond™ Monument. Through Backyard Pods, he also ordered the double-glazed Polar Eco-View stacker doors with black frames, as double-glazing is known for its soundproofing and energy-saving effectiveness – cool in summer, warm in winter.

The versatility of these pods can stretch as far as your imagination allows. When you put one of these pods in your backyard, you can turn it into a TV den, hangout space for teenagers, an exercise room, she-shed, man-cave...the possibilities are endless! Anything that suits your lifestyle. Just imagine what you can do with the extra space!

Check out these Studio Pods ideas.

Granny Pods

Whether you call them Granny Flats or Tiny Houses, the concept is just fantastic. These habitable pod projects can also be a money-spinner as you can rent them out or offer them as holiday pods with Airbnb.

Start with a Backyard Pod of 3m x 8m and turn it into a modern, spacious, fully self-contained ‘tiny home’ with all the comfort and conveniences needed for 1-2 people. Add in a queen-sized bedroom, kitchenette, ample wardrobe spaces, open space living and dining areas, bathroom, toilet with full-scale ceiling height and you have all you need to make it your own cozy little home or investment.

Backyard Pods are engineering certified Class 1 (dwelling) with standard N3 wind rating – now also available with N4 wind rating, compliant for building in high-wind areas (at a small additional cost based on pod size).

Backyard Pods Granny Display Homes are now open in Sydney. Go book an appointment and ask questions like “Can I build a granny flat in my backyard in Sydney?”; “How much does it cost to build a granny flat in Sydney?”; "Who can help with approvals, development applications and building permits?"

And yes, you do need Council's approval when you classify your pod as a "habitable" project.

Watch this rapid onsite assembly

A Pod Full of Inspiration

By now your brain must be whirring away with 101 ideas of what you could possibly do with one of these amazing pods!

The list is endless - add a backyard studio pod, office pod, granny flat or secondary dwelling, sleep-out, pool house, home extension, commercial and movable building, rumpus room pod, teenage hideaway, yoga retreat ... WOW!

Start browsing and collect ideas for your very own Backyard Pod. Be warned - there are lots of amazing designs and great ideas of customers' completed projects, design concepts, professionally installed or DIY projects. If you are buzzing with excitement now, quick get in touch with Backyard Pod's team.

Backyard Pods are delivered to most areas of New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), South Australia and Queensland Australia.

Quality materials for endless versatility

These are prefabricated pod kits and can be made movable if built on skids instead of piers. Here´s what you can expect:

  • Genuine BlueScope Steel

  • Prefabrication by Steeline

  • Proudly made in Australia

  • Engineered/certified Class 1

  • Endless design options