Haley Emerson, Bullet Business Solutions

Counting on Emotional Support

When the business going gets tough, who wouldn’t appreciate a friendly financial Guardian Angel taking them by the hand?

Thinking of a bullet brings to mind images of speed, accuracy and targeted efficiency – ideal qualities for an accountant.

But these cold, hard images and their association with accountancy are only part of the services provided by Haley Emerson’s Bullet Business Solutions.

There’s a clue in the reason behind the title of her company – named after a beloved former pet dog

Haley's business services are a long way from the norm as Haley likes to take a holistic approach to all her customers as not one size fits all!

Alongside valued advice and counsel on bookkeeping, payroll and taxation, she also offers friendly emotional support for companies who may be reeling from the effects of unexpected adversities.

She’s a rarity in the world of business – a dedicated numbers person with heart and a passion for getting close to what makes small businesses tick and helping them to overcome adversity to reach successful new heights.

Numbers Whiz

Haley’s own background in business goes a long way to explaining where her empathy for businesses in need comes from.

Although a whiz with maths and numbers at school, she also had a desire to be involved in the hospitality sector and work closely with people, so she joined the staff of a Sydney hotel at the tender age of 17. Starting at the bottom in various roles among the hotel’s housekeeping department, her natural flair was quickly recognised and within five years she’d reached a managerial position.

After that she moved to other prestigious Sydney hotel and hospitality properties, gaining more insights into different management cultures.

“Those years involved in all the various nuts and bolts of a hotel’s services gave me an appreciation of how different layers of business integrate and depend on each other for a successful outcome,” says Haley.

“It also got me involved in accounting and financial functions, which re-ignited my love of numbers and finance. It also got me thinking about the fundamental role of accounting in business and how essential good accounting is to success.”

Haley’s expertise in business was then further developed during six years of managing a Tourist Park in the scenic South West Rocks, when Haley discovered a real love of bookkeeping and tax.

Then a family move to Forster in regional New South Wales provided the opportunity to work with accounting firms as a bookkeeper/ accountant, as well as working in payroll for a local firm with more than 100 staff.

The icing on the cake was the completion of her Advanced Diploma in Accounting

But along with Haley’s growing understanding of business functions came a realisation that emotion also accompanies business success – and a determination that emotional support would be a big part of her own business she was planning to establish.

This all came to fruition when she established Bullet Business Solutions last year to bring this ideal to reality.


And with cruel irony, when Haley launched Bullet Business Solutions in her hometown of Forster in February 2020, it was at a time when small businesses were at their lowest and in dire need of all the emotional support they could get.

Already stunned by the turmoil of raging bushfires, businesses were then hit by all the unprecedented effects of Covid-19.

“It wasn’t a matter of providing straightforward business services – and it still isn’t,” says Haley. I wanted to be there for them, to work hand-in-hand to guide them through all the confusing regulatory procedures - that in some cases they weren’t even aware of.”

Her knowledge and expertise enabled her clients that were hit by the bushfires to claim the government’s stimulus grant to help them back on their feet.