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Leicht’s Tyre & Auto, They Don’t Take Your Safety Lightly

Updated: May 16, 2021

Choosing the right tyre for your vehicle is an important decision that affects you and your family's safety on the road.

Specialising in tyres, wheels, car servicing and automotive repairs, we asked Leicht's Tyre & Auto about the different types of tyres for different uses.

Leicht´s Tyre & Auto has workshops in Port Macquarie, Kempsey and Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia.

Staffed by a highly trained team of professionals and as an authorised retailer of Cooper Tyres and Mickey Thompson, Leicht´s Tyre & Auto provides quality that is keeping people safe on the roads. They share with us why the act of choosing the right tyre is so important.

Passenger Car Tyres from Leicht's

The right tyre for your vehicle affects you and your family's safety on the road. Every single part of a car goes into keeping the vehicle working smoothly and ensuring safety for the driver and passengers. Tyre tread provides the gripping action and traction that prevents your car from slipping and sliding. This is especially important when the road is icy or wet. Drivers can feel it when there is little grip and control over the car. The tyres play their part in doing that.

Some of the world's best tyre manufacturers include:

  • Sumitomo

  • Federal

  • Lassa

  • Hi Fly

  • Starfire

  • Falken

  • Dunlop

  • Goodyear

  • Continental

4WD & SUV Tyres at Leicht's

Different lifestyles and needs require specific tyres.

Whether you use your 4x4 or SUV for the school run, towing the boat on weekends or are planning that off-road adventure around Australia, Leicht's staff will explain to you what works best and help you make the right choice for your individual on or off-road driving needs. You may well be bowled over by their fantastic range of RWD & SUV tyres. It is not "just" a tyre. There is a whole wealth of knowledge about tyres.

Tyres need to be fitted and balanced. Fitting and balancing are essential for proper tyre maintenance to get the best wear pattern on your tread. What is even more interesting is, you can even benefit from optimised petrol consumption. It pays to take really good care of your tyres. They may look tough but without maintenance, you can experience serious issues that can lead to pulling and poor handling.

Commercial Tyres from Leicht's

Leicht's stocks a great range of light commercial tyres for the professional delivery driver or tyres for the campervan. The range of light commercial tyres includes:

  • Mickey Thomson

  • Maxxis

  • Continental

  • Federal

  • Roadstone

Truck & Agricultural Tyres from Leicht's

Moving beyond cars on the road, we also must not forget about the vehicles in the countryside and fields such as trucks and tractors. They too need their own range of special tyres to do their work.

Leicht's also supplies and fitt trucks and agricultural machinery across the Mid North Coast and the New England area of NSW.

Choosing the right tyre for a truck or agricultural vehicle affects business productivity and safety.

Leicht's experts help customers make the best choice for their business needs by listening to what they do. Purchasing a tyre is not something one can do in the Express Lane. When it comes to safety, it is essential to spend the necessary time and go to the professionals for guidance.

Car, SUV, Truck, Bike & Boat Batteries

Leicht's range of industry knowledge is vast and they are also the local battery expert. They have been getting people in the community up and running whenever their customers have had their car throw a battery tantrum.

Leicht's battery replacement service offers the best value car battery prices and legendary service.

Whether it is a battery for a motorcycle, boat or truck, Leicht's has the full range and they make it easy for customers to go to them for help. They also come with a full warranty which helps give their customers further peace of mind.

Car Service and Regular Maintenance are important for safety

At Leicht's Tyre & Auto, they go beyond selling tyres. Leicht´s range of services ensure their customers´ vehicles run smoothly on the road. That is something they take pride in. Selling tyres for them requires expertise and responsibility.

They offer logbook servicing on all vehicles with a dedicated mechanic specialising in European cars to ensure vehicles run efficiently.

Leicht's can service or repair your suspension, brakes or exhaust, as well as organise a rego check.

Making things easy and convenient for their customers is something Leicht's does. It is part of their dedication to what they do. They actually go the extra mile in offering a free drop off and pick up service for the customer’s convenience.

Community Involvement

Leicht's Tyre and Auto are a big part of their local community.

They are part of the engine that makes the community run. Leicht's actively supports a variety of community programs and supports people in their communities.

Leicht's has participated in programs such as sponsoring sports people and sporting events to local schools and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

The teams at all three branches are proud to be involved and be a part of their communities.

Leicht's 4 Locations

With branches in Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Kempsey and Tamworth, Leicht´s is not far away if you are in need of a set of new tyres, wheels or a battery.

97 Hastings River Drive.

t/ 02 65 83 6611

Wauchope Tyre & Mower

60 Randall Street

t/ 02 6585 2053.

23 Lachlan Street.

t/ 02 65 62 2886

19-21 Barnes Street.

t/ 02 67 62 7824


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