Melanie Fergin, Queen of Car Wraps

A Perfectionist Chooses to Challenge the Car Wrap Industry

Melanie Fergin has overcome barriers set against her as a woman to become recognised as one of the car wrap world’s most talented and distinctive specialists.

Based in Adelaide, her self-taught skills have even led her to the finals of an industry contest in Las Vegas, USA, where she rubbed shoulders and shared wrapping expertise with some of the world’s top car wrappers.

Ironically, the annual global competition “Wrap Like a King” inspired Melanie to become a Queen on the top rungs of her chosen profession.

It’s been a long road for Melanie to reach these heady heights and become an independent professional car wrap specialist, but one that’s been eventful, enjoyable and fulfilling.

Hooked on Wrapping

Her journey began when Melanie made a switch from being a highly successful signwriter to car wrap installer. “I owned and operated a signwriting business in Adelaide for 15 years,” she says.

“After so many years designing and installing car wraps for private and commercial clients, it was a natural progression for me to start doing colour change wraps."

“And after my first full commercial vehicle wrap, I was hooked!"

“Since then, I’ve worked on just about any type of vehicle you can imagine - buses, planes, trams, yachts, go karts, motorbikes and even an Australian-built track focussed hypercar.

“I’m a very meticulous person at work and I pay a lot of attention to detail. I’m always striving for perfection and I think car wrapping totally suits my personality.”

Dogged Determination

Melanie put in many hours into learning about wraps from either online resources such as videos, or participating in wrapping workshops.

“I attended different short wrap courses and always left with a new skill, a solid mind set and even more determination to improve.”

Her dogged determination paid off. She started to gain a good reputation in her local vehicle wrap industry, as well as among car enthusiasts, as a talented and meticulous wrapper.

In 2019, the Porsche 911 Turbo S wrapped by Melanie was crowned the continental winner in Wrap Like a King Challenge that year.