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Coffee with (the REAL) Samso - the canine inspiration behind the name

✦ Guess who the real inspiration behind the name of Samso is? It's a friendly labradoodle called, you guessed it, SAMSO!

Samso is a familiar name to our Brilliant readers. Our Brilliant Investments section is our partnership with Samso in bringing the latest and most intriguing ASX stories to readers worldwide.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso, otherwise known as The Man in the Hat, is the one inviting thought leaders to share compelling ASX stories that intrigue investors, and keeps them following ASX companies that pique their interest.

Now what really intrigues and piques our interest is where the name Samso comes from and what it means.

Samso is actually the name of Noel's beloved pet dog! Samso is a gorgeous labradoodle who is Noel's trusty sidekick and is with him through thick and thin. We wonder who the real Samso would invite for a canine version of Coffee with Samso! We turn the tables on Noel today and invite him for a Coffee with the Real Samso and interview Noel instead!

Hello Noel, welcome to another Brilliant Story. Today we're going to deep dive into the story of The Real Samso, so welcome Noel! Let's start with some basics. How did you come up with the name Samso for your dog?

I'm a dog person, and have had dogs all my life. I wanted to find a suitable name for a dog, and when I put all my children's names together i.e. Silver Aiden Megan Sarah Ong = SAMSO, I thought it sounded perfect for a dog. Silver is my first child here in Australia.

When did Samso first start living with you, and how did that come about?

We got Samso from a breeder in September 2012, and he's now 11 years old.

Did you do a lot of DYOR before getting Samso?

A little, we wanted a pet that did not shed hair, and is smart so it is easy to train. The labradoodles, in many parts the "noodle" dogs do not smell and because of the wool, it does not keep dirt. I must say that the breeding of the poodle (smartest dog) and the labrador (5th smartest) is a good mix.

*DYOR - Do Your Own Research (a catch phrase often heard on Coffee with Samso, to tell investors to research, learn and listen to the stories of ASX companies they are keen on)

How would you describe Samso's personality?

As I mentioned before, I've had dogs all my life, and I remember when we were in Malaysia, we had six dogs as the main family, two of them were a pair and they had puppies. As much as I loved all of them, and if you're a dog lover you'll know how hard it is to pick favourites, I have to say that Samso has been the most affectionate and has the most 'human' characteristics. He is like my shadow and is always looking for affection. He loves snuggling up and he'll let you cuddle him to sleep. I think he's the pet that every child wants their soft toy to be.

What made you decide to name your company after your dog?

I wanted a catchy name and what better than Samso! I am also a very sentimental person in wanting to create a legacy for the future. Family is a big part of my DNA and I want everything I do to be meaningful.

What's his favourite thing to do?

He loves going on walks and just being with people. And he loves his car rides too! He's easygoing and he's just as comfortable sitting beside you on the couch and being close to people. I guess he's a people dog! He does play with other dogs too but he seems to have little attention span for his four-legged friends! Oh, and he loves food. ALL kinds of food!

What's the best thing about Samso the dog?

He is super loyal, he is affectionate and he has the best temperament. He seeks your attention and wants to be with you.

Any interesting anecdotes about Samso?

He's really quite photogenic! I think he loves posing for photos! Not long ago someone mentioned that Samso looks like he really enjoys being the model for photos!

Peter Harold is pictured here with the delicious coffee given away at Coffee with Samso interviews, thanks to Florence Drummond, who recommended KIK, an indigenous business supporting Coffee with Samso with their brew.

Now on to more serious business. What would Samso say about your business?

Samso the dog is all about people and being close to them. He does not like conflicts and treats everyone the same. The business of Samso is all about telling the story. It's not about having a happy or a sad ending. Every story has a need to be told. I don't chase people for payment, and I don't hold any clients to a contract. If clients like what the Samso platform is doing, then great. If they no longer find it suitable, I don't force them to stay contractually.

How has Samso inspired or supported your business?

From a personal point of view, Samso's character is my inspiration, and that may be a trait he and I share i.e. we enjoy what we do, and that is why we do it.

What milestones has Samso witnessed and celebrated with you in your business?

Samso has been there from the start. We have celebrated all our milestones together. Every development, expansion, exploration... he's always been there.

You often say mineral exploration takes time and investors have to be patient with companies as they explore and develop their ASX stories. Does that hold true for owning a pet too?

Absolutely. Patience and the ability to train and make your pet yours is important. All pets are similar to the human spirit. They want security, they want affection and they want to enjoy the fruits of life. Treat them like you would your child and the enjoyment of the pet experience is forever.

There is a reason why there is a saying, " If you want a friend, get a dog".

Who would Samso invite for a canine-version of Coffee with Samso?

Samso is everyone's friend. I honestly think he would welcome anyone that pats him and offers him food!

Does Samso follow you along to your coffee interviews?

Not really, but as we have expanded to having more venues, whenever we do a Coffee with Samso or a Rooster Talk in our home office, Samso does make an appearance. We have thought about including him into our coffee conversations, but I let the clients decide if they are comfortable with his presence. He's a friendly chap and he made his first official appearance just recently!

What makes Samso the dog Brilliant?

He is smart looking, he has that cuteness that melts every emotion, and he's extremely loyal. I love dogs that just somehow become 'your' dog. Because he always shadows me around, it makes me feel like he's always looking out for me.

Samso is my comfort. When I'm stressed, all I need is to see his eagerness for my attention and a hug from him and the stress disappears. He is always my friend, and will always be my best friend no matter what.

And of course, the big question - does Samso like wearing hats too?

He has no choice in the matter! :-)

Thank you for your time with us today, Noel, and we look forward to following the journey of Samso, both your dog and your business for many more years to come!

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