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Noel Ong, CEO of Samso on how he creates compelling ASX stories

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

✦ Noel Ong, CEO of Samso is an expert at Red Seagulls. If you haven't seen one, you will with Noel.

Now, what on earth is a Red Seagull?

That's precisely the point. If you do actually see one, it'll pique your interest. You'll get curious, want to follow it and find out what it's all about.

And that's what Noel Ong, CEO of Samso excels at. He calls it the Red Seagull strategy. He tells compelling stories by engaging business leaders to reveal insights that are relevant, timely and beneficial to the investment community.

Samso is a renowned resource to learn about insights into the companies and business trends that matter. They have a track record of developing successful business concepts in the Australasia region, and provide bespoke research and counsel to businesses seeking to raise capital and procuring projects for ASX listings.

The Red Seagull

Storytelling is simple at its very core. Ask any 5-year-old who loves a good bedtime story. They want to know what happens to the gorilla in the zoo and did the little boy return home or did he stay with the monsters. There is something in a good story that intrigues and hooks your attention making you want to stick around and find out more.

So why is storytelling so challenging in the adult world of business?

Noel is able to see what both sides need - from the company's end and what investors are interested in. So it's all about creating content and building a story that allows business leaders to fully share their company's story accurately straight from the horse's mouth, and one that attracts investors and makes them want to engage. Immediately if possible.

Noel has found a way to meet the needs and interests of both parties and to provide them with a channel to be connected easily and quickly.

Samso's Red Seagull strategy basically creates digestible, manageable bitesized stories that enable companies to show their passion and explain why their projects are worthy of investment and also allow investors to visualise the opportunities offered by these companies and participate in them.

His Red Seagull strategy has worked so well that Noel often recommends investors to go that step further after listening to the coffee chats and DYOR - Do Your Own Research about companies they are interested in. This is a healthy sign that investors are so piqued that they, of their own volition, want to find out more.

Why Samso?

Investors trust Samso to deliver knowledgeable evaluations of current industry developments across a variety of business sectors as well as considered forecasts of future performances. What Noel does is have this conversation space so company dialogues can give investors clear answers to their questions and to provide the opportunity to ask for clarity, and lay out the big picture to help them complete their investment research. Noel often provides his own thoughts and insights based on his experience in these conversations, and he is always honest about what he thinks. There is no dressing up or Photoshopping here. Just clear, relevant, timely information.

So it's a very active, dynamic and alive space where knowledge is exchanged, companies feel heard, investors feel like they are a part of the conversation and not just an empty space to be filled with random or irrelevant information. They even feel empowered to be part of this conversation space and encouraged to research more.

Samso's industry outreach covers six major business sectors:

  • Metals & Mining

  • Media & Technology

  • Healthcare

  • Renewable Energy

  • Industrial & Business Services

  • Financial Services

The extra time compared to other interviews enabled me to go into more details which sophisticated investors appreciate. I have had personal feedback from one private investor that after watching one of my interviews they bought 500,000 KWR shares. - Ed Turner, Managing Director, Kingwest Resources Limited (ASX: KWR)

Companies that have been on Coffee with Samso or Rooster Talks are happy to return and share further developments on their projects, or bring in new exciting discoveries. Whenever one of Samso's videos go live on their various channels, investors are up at the rooster hour to tune in immediately. To have this level of engagement and enthusiasm is quite a feat and Noel certainly has his magic touch.

Business leaders appreciate how natural his interviews are and it's almost like two old friends catching up over a cuppa and exchanging repartees. Business leaders don't feel they have to be uptight and suited up and one does not have to be well-versed in psychology to know that it's when people feel comfortable, that's when you can tap into what they are passionate about, what they truly believe in and what excites them. Business leaders can fully deep dive into not just their company's stories but also their industry experience, and between the experience garnered by Noel and his guest(s), it is inevitable the conversations are going to be power packed and warrant a second or third listening.

And one key ingredient that business leaders naturally notice and respond to about Samso, (and this is often a point that is not appreciated often enough), is that Noel himself is genuinely interested in the industry, in the companies' stories, and he gets where investors are coming from and how they best receive knowledge. It almost makes one rather envious that Noel's job does not feel like work because it's his passion and he is sincere about first of all, sincerely wanting to hear a company's story, and then being able to pitch the conversation at the understanding of the average investor. Investors feel like someone finally gets what they really need and is able to empower them without putting them down or throwing out a story that is just way over their heads. One could guess that even if Noel were not doing this as his profession, he would be equally happy to sit down with someone and chat about the latest happenings in the industry.

So a big takeaway here from Samso about the key to being successful as an expert in your field is to actually be sincere and genuinely interested in what you do. Passion cannot be feigned.

Why the Red Seagull strategy works

Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Samso is highly experienced in 6 business sectors.

  2. Samso fully understands the requirements of the ASX - and its limitations.

  3. Strong international investor and media network relationships.

  4. Samso creates content to save companies the extra cost of third party creators.

  5. Wide and enthusiastic following for Coffee with Samso, Rooster Talk and Samso Insights.

  6. Noel´s relaxed conversations drive definite results.

  7. Magnified distribution across Media Partners' channels - Proactive Investors, Mining HQ and Brilliant-Online Interactive Magazine and investing firms like Denham Capital.

Noel begins crafting every single Red Seagull story by creating the story on Coffee with Samso, Rooster Talk or Samso Insights or Mining HQ podcasts. Then, with Samso´s distribution partners and channels, the Red Seagull gets distributed. This generates a wide outreach that keeps viewers engaged, aware, understanding and actively investing.

Amazing Red Seagull Facts

  • Across Samso's media distribution partners, company stories are shared across all of their social platforms with each video on YouTube watched over 21,000 times.

  • Further distribution through media partners reaches more than 630,000 audiences every month.

  • Samso’s Proactive Partnership sees 100,000 unique visits every day; 1.9 million page impressions per month from Twitter alone; and more than 10,000 corporate IPs identified every day.​

  • Triple M radio has 650,000 listeners and Mining HQ broadcasts 43 weeks of the year and reaches out to 100,000 audiences per broadcast.

"Brilliant-Online opens up exciting new aspects for more effective engagement with both our clients and a broader audience of investment communities. It gives us a multi-dimensional digital canvas on which to portray an extended scope of our industry insights right across the investment landscape. We're amazed how results jumped 90x for our client Venture Minerals in just one month!" - Noel Ong

It takes skill, expertise, technological know-how and a genuine interest to create Red Seagull stories. The beauty of it is, it works. People are noticing Samso's Red Seagulls and following them.

So, which is your favourite Red Seagull story on Samso? Share that with the Man in the Hat the next time you meet Noel!

(Oh and did you know that Noel has the most adorable canine and no prizes for guessing his name....SAMSO! Now if that's not dedication to one's professional career we don't know what is! Talk about bringing work home!)

The man with the hat

Noel never goes anywhere without his trademark hat. You'll recognise him immediately, and if you do attend conferences in the industry, all you need to do is follow the hat to have a chat with Noel.

He's an industry veteran and a geologist with 30 years under his belt (or hat!) and a strong background in capital markets, corporate finance and the mineral resource sector.

He was the founder and managing director of ASX publicly-listed company Siburan Resources Limited from 2009-2017 and has also been involved in several other ASX listings, providing advice, procuring projects and helping to raise capital.

You'll have heard about his famous coffee chats with thought leaders happening on Coffee with Samso and Rooster Talk. Many have had not just one but several coffee chats with Samso. And we know they're not returning because of the coffee.

Noel has created his own unique interview style that is benefitting both companies and investors as his engaging conversations with business figures give revealing insights into Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) companies, related concepts and industry trends that can pique investor interest.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Noel travels across Australia to record the interviews, and he knows really well by now which coffee places are most conducive to opening up a casual but deeply insightful chat.

Contact Samso

Samso helps executives tell ASX stories that pique interest.

t/ +61 490 092 814



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