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Brilliant Decades in the Trade with Noel Ong, CEO of Samso

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

✦ The Man in the Hat celebrates the decades he has experienced in the fascinating world of mineral exploration.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso has been sharing a range of deep insights from thought leaders in our Brilliant Investments. Today we decided to shine the spotlight on him and his career.

About the Samso Business

The business is all about creating a platform for companies to showcase their story in an educated and easy format for the general investing community to understand.

In 2023, human intuition is all about content and the ability to consume masses of information at the same time. Most importantly, the masses are demanding prompt and constant information. Google is now allowing people to ask everything and get instant answers. Providing experiences is how CEOs are given a voice at Samso.

If you're keen to learn how Samso provides CEOs a platform to air their announcements, download their brochure.

Noel Ong is also Managing Director at Taiton Resources.

I see this as a great opportunity to be involved in discovering a new Mineral System in a Province scale. After looking deeply into the prospectivity of the projects presented, it seemed like an opportunity of a lifetime.

The company is now listed on the ASX and the journey to make what is a potential into a reality is underway.

The Beginning

Honestly, till today, I still have no idea what spurred me into taking up trade in the mineral exploration or Mining sector! Standing on the campus of the University of Western Australia, outside the chemistry department, I remember talking about the decision to do Geology as I kind of liked it and did well in high school.

That was in 1987. The following year was when my journey in the “mining sector” began in earnest. For a person who went through undergraduate just going through the paces, I ended up with an Honours Degree in Geology.

This change in direction of my studies may or may not be related to a subconscious journey of fulfilling my heritage. My grandfather was a gold miner in the 1930s and made a generational discovery of a gold mine later in his life.

The Beginnings of Working Life

1992 was the year I started working life but it was not a glorious first job. I was employed as a Field Assistant. I only started the title of a Geologist after my first four weeks. The best part of that experience was being involved in the discovery of Bronzewing Gold Mine in 1993 to experience what it was like.

Working with Ian Herbison and his team was the best education I had since starting this journey in 1988. Ian taught me everything that I hold dearly today. I learnt that management, understanding the cost and being dedicated to your task at hand are key.

My next fortunate journey was to be involved with the discovery hole at the Merlin Diamond project in 1994. I was the geologist on the drill rig then.

Those two events in some way have edged my future passion for discovery in the sector.

The decision to be an Entrepreneur

What I am sure is that my drive to be an entrepreneur was starting to grow. My thoughts were simple then. I wanted to do my own thing and not be dictated by the mundane steps which rule the work of being an employee.

The Business of Feeding My Life

The common trait of my working life then was no matter how hard I looked for a “normal” job, I could not get one! I was incompetent at job applications, received even fewer interviews and often got a no as a reply to my application.

This was in the early 1990s. The lack of opportunities turned out to be the fuel for the successes that came my way in the form of all the businesses that were created to develop income for my life.

Perhaps those were the seeds for the creation of Samso Media.

Geological Computing Services in 1995 was the start of this journey. It was a consultancy providing clients with database and mapping services with GIS (Geographical Information Services). I later changed the name to Geocompservices and used that till Samso in 2018. The business moved from geological services to media.

Lessons Learned from Decades in the Trade

When I reached out into the world for entrepreneurship, I had less than five years of experience.

My motivation came from not being able to secure a “proper” job and the need to make money to survive. It meant I had to learn and absorb every piece of information that was thrown my way.

The time I spent at Bronzewing and the Merlin Diamond project was invaluable. I knew that there was a need for contractors. I learnt that if you have something to give, there is someone that will pay for it.

The rest was just a simple case of being innovative and having a tenacious appetite to make sure doors are opened. The old story of when one door shuts, another door of opportunity awaits.

Wise words from the Man in the Hat to spur all us of on in our entrepreneurial endeavours! Experience Noel's in-depth conversations with thought leaders here in our Brilliant Investments.

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