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Brilliant Red Seagulls take flight with Samso-Brilliant Online partnership

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

✦ This exciting partnership is helping ASX companies stand out, have their stories heard, reach new audiences and build positive brand perception.

ASX companies need modern marketing too, and it can be challenging for these companies to know how to go about doing this.

Challenge for ASX companies

The ASX industry is heavy in competition with so many companies in the same pool of investment funding. That makes it a real challenge to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Samso Brilliant Partnership to create Red Seagulls | Brilliant-Online

When presentations and announcements are released, it's important to consider how the information is received by interested investors. ASX companies need to know how to access a variety of investors, and provide a dynamic, immediate and trustworthy space to help clarify, intrigue and reinforce takeaways from presentations.

Why Samso?

Samso understands what ASX companies need in order to stand out as the clear voice from the noise, and has the experience to use a company's news and information to create opportunities to boost engagement. It's about bringing a company's story to life and stay in people's minds.

Samso is a leading Digital Investor Relations Agency who can provide ASX companies with guidance to best position their announcements in formats that truly pique investor interest.

Samso has over 30 years experience in the mineral exploration industry, with knowledge drawn from the whole spectrum of the industry such as Field Assistant, Geologist, Senior Management and as the founder and Managing Director of ASX companies.

Samso's knowledgeable technical and corporate content allow Samso to offer engagement from one single source. This helps ASX companies save time and be more efficient having a one-stop shop for all their needs, ensuring consistency and an organised structure to their marketing.

Why Brilliant-Online?

Because Brilliant Interactive Advertorials tell stories that make people famous and businesses sparkle. That means our clients can sell without selling and build brand confidence.

It's about reaching out to new audiences, and our story telling feature is a way for companies to create that positive brand perception to a wider audience.

Any Coffee with Samso Experience comes standard with Brilliant-Online's editorial and distribution.

How Brilliant works:

  • an advertorial published monthly in our Interactive Brilliant-Online Magazine. The magazine content is interactive for higher reader retention and engagements;

  • a SEO rich longer blog feature with relevant call to action. Storytelling your brand, products and services is a way to sell more without selling;

  • a visible ad banner on Brilliant-Online's home page that links to the company's advertorial, blog or website;

  • the company's ad and/or advertorial is shared across Brilliant's social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google My Business);

  • the company's story is emailed to our 15,000 subscribers.

See an example of what we did for Heavy Rare Earths Limited (ASX: HRE). Click on the image below to read their story.

Brilliant Investment Heavy Rare Earths with Samso|Brilliant-Online

The Red Seagull Strategy

The Red Seagull strategy is what helps ASX companies truly stand out and pique investor interest.

This is a combination of the best of both worlds - Samso's Coffee with Samso Experience and Brilliant-Online.

What does the Red Seagull strategy include?

1. Access to Samso's core products i.e. Coffee with Samso, Rooster Talk and Samso Insights

Videos and podcasts on Coffee With Samso and Rooster Talk are tailored around the company's announcement and messaging. Samso Insights are long form blogs with point of view about the industry and how a comp

any is relevant to the insight.

2. Your content creation and social media coverage are taken care of on a monthly basis.

Companies get guidance to management on messaging and ideas to create content that makes sense and is technically relevant to the market.

Samso creates video snippets including YouTube Shorts for each product and drive viewers back to the main video over a span of several weeks. It is used to highlight interesting features to whet the appetite of stakeholders.

Samso manages the company's Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, with additional teaser video slides on LinkedIn to enhance announcements.

3. Extensive outreach

Samso currently has over 10,500 YouTube subscribers; 1,900 Twitter followers; 2,600 LinkedIn followers plus a clean mailing list of over 1,200 subscribers.

With Samso's partners, such as Proactive, The Market Bull, a company's content is further distributed to more than 630,000 followers.

Through Brilliant-Online the content reaches out to another 70,000 new readers monthly.

Check out Brilliant-Online's Brilliant Investment stories.

Brillant Investments with Brilliant-Online |Brilliant-Online

An unparalleled ecosystem

Through this unique combination of Samso and Brilliant-Online, the Red Seagull strategy gives ASX companies an ecosystem that is unparalleled in the industry. With the modern go-to-market know-how, the Red Seagull strategy confidently delivers ASX announcements in a way that clarifies and satisfies investor questions and curiosity, providing them with an insightful view to complete their investment research.

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Noel Ong, CEO of Samso tells compelling stories by engaging business leaders to reveal insights beneficial to the investment community.

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