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Stand Out by Becoming a Brilliant Red Seagull

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

✦ How does one stand out in a sea of companies all with stories clamouring to be heard? Samso's Red Seagull strategy is shining Brilliantly with support from partners.

To become a Red Seagull one needs the support of partnerships and Samso's Red Seagull strategy is taking flight by partnering with Brilliant-Online to boost distribution and amp up modern marketing.

Here is a simple question. Have you ever seen a Red Seagull?

Probably not. If you live by the coast, you'd be familiar with the huge families of white seagulls and their trademark cries as they soar effortlessly in the air. It's pretty, but they all look and sound the same. That's how companies feel sometimes, that they are just another run-of-the-mill classic white seagull in a sea of competitors.

But if you were a Red Seagull, you'd be noticed. You'd be spotted, even from afar. And not just that, you'd be guaranteed to have a curious crowd follow you just to find out what you are, where you are from, why you are red and what you can do. You'll be on everyone's Instagram and on everyone's lips.

Companies want to be a Red Seagull.

Samso gets a boost

And Samso has a Red Seagull strategy. Samso is a renowned resource among the investment community for keen market analysis and insights into the companies and business trends that matter. It is a space where investors can engage with the companies they invest in and get knowledgeable evaluations of current industry knowledge and developments across different business sectors.

For Noel Ong, CEO of Samso, walking the talk is an important part of taking his brand to another level. To help companies boost their presence in the investment space, Samso as a brand and business also has to take a leap.

And one way he did this is by partnering with Brilliant-Online to boost distribution and amp up their modern marketing.

Samso is therefore able to use this to further distribute their strong offerings to help companies stand out and become Red Seagulls. Effective modern marketing is essential to delivering content that piques investor interest. Samso bridges this connection between companies and investors, by helping companies take on Red Seagull status and helping investors notice the Red Seagulls. Samso cuts through the clutter and makes the connection direct, smooth and of value.

Investors appreciate what Samso offers with their Coffee with Samso, Rooster Talk or Samso Insights. Knowledge, insights and experiences from thought leaders are shared in a way that is clear, direct and digestible.

For more information about Samso Offerings, download Samso's brochure here:

How does Samso's Red Seagull Strategy work?

An important part of Samso's strategy to bring together companies and investors involves a strong partnership for effective modern marketing.

Samso handles the content and partners with media channels such as Proactive, Mining HQ, Briliant-Online and Vermilion Pinstripes. This is an attractive option for companies as it helps them save the extra cost of third party creators.

Brilliant-Online's interactive advertising platform deepens connections and widens engagements. Brilliant is known for telling valuable, accurate stories that people want to hear, and has an extensive outreach to an international audience.

With this partnership, Samso is able to offer companies a unique value proposition for branding, helping them achieve an enhanced multichannel digital brand connection. This is how companies become a Red Seagull and attract attention.

Why Brilliant?

Because the results speak for themselves. Numbers are a reliable source in modern marketing to measure if a method works or not.

"Brilliant opens up exciting new aspects for more effective engagement with both our clients and a broader audience of investment communities," said Noel Ong, CEO of Samso. "It gives us a multi- dimensional digital canvas on which to portray an extended scope of our industry insights right across the investment landscape. We're amazed how results jumped 90x for our client Venture Minerals in just one month!"

The Samso-Brilliant Partnership allows Samso's companies to reach out to new audiences mainly in Australia, Singapore and Canada. Being in cyberspace essentially means news can reach all corners of the world.

Brilliant-Online's multi-channel interactive advertorial platform also means readers can view Samso's interviews from Coffee with Samso and Rooster Talk under the magazine's Brilliant Investment section. The leap that Brilliant offers is readers can take actions with the advertiser directly from the magazine. At no point do you lose a reader's interest in leaving a site and having to navigate and search. The connection is seamless, convenient, and direct.

Brilliant's stories are SEO rich and shared to 19,000 subscribers with ad banners and social media outreach included in one single convenient, robust advertising package. For Samso, this means huge savings in time and energy, and everything is streamlined through Brilliant.

With this partnership, Samso allows companies to take advantage of a new era of engagement. Modern marketing is only modern if we continue to keep up with developments, innovations, trends and changes.

Finding the right partner

We've often heard people sagely giving advice about finding the right partner for life. In the world of business, the right partner can help you become a Red Seagull, igniting passion for your business, nurturing long-term connections and engaging a sustained interest in your story.

For Samso, Brilliant is like a Red Seagull, and this partnership has helped Samso and their companies take a leap. It's a great feeling to see each company take flight and become amazing Red Seagulls.

Samso is helping companies shine brilliantly as Red Seagulls. Are you ready to become one too?



ASX companies engage Samso and Brilliant-Online to share their commentary on the progress of their companies and projects. The author, owners of Samso and Brilliant-Online and associated entities may or may not hold shares of these companies. The content above is the writer’s personal opinion and is provided to you for information only and is not intended to be general or personal advice nor will it create/induce the creation of any binding legal relations. Read full Disclaimer. -Samso

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