Cruisin' on the Rhythmboat

Updated: Jul 18

✦ Sail away on Port Macquarie's tourist and local attraction - the Rocks Rhythmboat!

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You have to see this beautiful fun and versatile catamaran - it's the biggest and best vessel ever to set sail on the Hastings River. Some of you may know it as the Rocks Rhythmboat. And it's a name well-deserved because that's what you get on this beautiful vessel - it's rockin' with adventures!

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Meet Tom "Cruise Director"

Meet owners David and Elsa Lazarus, who are the ones keeping this gorgeous beauty well maintained and sailing smoothly. Tom, "Cruise Director", which is David's jolly alter-ego, is on board to ensure a smooth (and fun) ride! When you meet him, his sunny personality already makes you feel like getting on his boat and having a good time. This is where he is comfortable and getting to meet all kinds of people from everywhere and enjoying themselves on his vessel gets him on deck every day!

Book a party on Rhythmboat

The Rhythmboat is available for cruises or a party boat hire and can cater up to 150 guests. The ideas for this are endless - imagine sailing down the river for a Christmas party, a birthday party and why not make your wedding extra memorable on the waters?

Companies who are bored with the usual rent-a-room-and-catering-food event can take guests out on a corporate event on the Rhythmboat and get some fresh air!

A cruise can last up to three hours around the waters of Port Macquarie. Choose which time of the day best suits your event. We'd certainly love to be invited for a day cruise to watch the dolphins as they get their morning exercise routine up and running jumping in the waters! It's a great idea for birthday parties and just imagine spotting dolphins celebrating this special day with you! And if anyone is getting married and planning a romantic sunset cruise to seal their vows of love, we'd want to be on the cruise too!

With a fully licensed bar and options for a buffet and a variety of entertainment, guests are well taken care of.

Meet the dolphins

Dolphins playing in Port Macquarie waters. Photographed by Alex McNaught.
Dolphins playing in Port Macquarie waters. Photographed by Alex McNaught.

If you think you know the Hastings River or the waters of Port Macquarie well, think again! When you are on a cruise, you see the beautiful Hastings River as you've never before. When you're right in it, you notice things you don't when you're just standing on solid ground. From the sound of the water as it laps against the boat, to the tranquil landscapes all around you, it creates a different feeling of being in nature. You may even notice how abundant the wildlife really is when you're on the cruise! See if you can spot some turtles, osprey and sea eagles!

And one royal treat you can experience when you take a day cruise on the Rhythmboat is meeting the dolphins. They know when the Rhythmboat is approaching and they are old friends with the vessel and Tom "Cruise Director"! When the dolphins come to visit a cruise it's simply delightful.

Have you ever thought about this, that the dolphin is probably one of the very few animals that nobody could possibly hate or even have a phobia towards? They're just such lovely, gentle and fun-loving creatures, they put a smile on your face when you spot one! They love gliding in the waters alongside the vessel, and some love to go in front for a little friendly competition (they always win, by the way…or perhaps Tom "Cruise Director" lets them!).

Even as we're writing this, we can already feel the slight dampness on our skin from being on the water, and wishing we were on the cruise right now, having a beer with the captain and watching the dolphins play!

A very special wedding venue

Set your wedding the way you want it on the Rhythmboat