Venture Minerals Limited discusses the significance and economics of Tin

Updated: Jul 8

Venture Minerals Limited (ASX:VMS) is giving Tin its rightful place in the investment ecosystem.

Why is Tin a significant commodity?

The Green metal and No Emission movement have made the plight of the Tin Story important for Investors. Venture Minerals may be an accidental recipient of the Green Metal movement.

This is the #GreenTin song that is often heard in the investment space.

Thing is, Tin is the quiet element that has been grossly underrated and forgotten. To fully give Tin the credit it deserves, we have to see it in a different light - Tin is in fact, the ´glue´ of technology. In this new world that is emerging, a world of No Emission and Electrification of Progress, we really need Tin.

Venture Minerals Limited (ASX:VMS) is currently undergoing a phase of preparing a Feasibility Study. Andrew Radonjic, Managing Director of the company recently attended a Tin conference on his travels, and he has returned to share why Tin is a significant commodity.

Basically, if you take the supply issue of non ESG compliant sources, there will be a big issue for tin users. For those who see this need for realisable ESG compliant source of tin, this is a great time to look at companies like Venture Minerals.

Now, you may have heard that there are other 'sources of tin' that claim they are production ready. And what about those, you may ask.

If they are 'production ready' as they claim, surely they would be producing already. It would be highly interesting for potential investors to reach out to Mr. Radonjic to ask about what can happen, and what will never happen.

There are now some serious conversations about how tin will play in carbon capture, water treatment and heat harvesting. Take a deep dive into the amazing world of Tin in this video and get clarity on the concept of the Tin market and its uses. Find out why Tin is becoming a major player in the world of No Emission and electrification of energy.

This video may help to give some insights as to what could be a real game changer in terms of the need for Tin. As we can see now, the uses of tin are increasing and there is now talk of Tin being a vital component of lithium battery anodes. Pipe dream it may be, but that was what they said about the vanadium battery too.

If the so called Lithium-Tin solid battery anodes become a reality, we will see a complete change in the Tin market. The same factors that are driving the High Purity Alumina industry that is driven by Kaolinite-Halloysite is also being seen with the Tin sector.

Listen to Mr. Radonjic here:


00:00 Start

00:20 Introduction

01:25 Andrew updates.

09:56 The Indonesian Tin Story.

15:37 Market discussion from the Tin conference.

20:01 Tin moving into the "high tech" uses sector.

24:24 Tin moving into the battery sector.

30:14 The introduction of a tin related battery.

31:28 The hurdle of finding new tin deposits and a tin producing mine.

32:26 Project updates.

38:53 The summary of tin.

39:43 Andrew closing summary.

41:06 Conclusion

About Andrew Radonjic

Qualifications: BAppSc (Mining Geology), MSc (Mineral Economics), MAus/MM

Mr. Radonjic is a geologist and mineral economist with over 30 years of experience in mining and exploration, with an initial focus on gold and nickel in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. Andrew has fulfilled a variety of senior roles which gave rise to three gold discoveries, totalling in excess of 3 million ounces in resources and resulting in 1.5 million ounces being produced. Since 2006 Andrew has been an executive director with Venture Minerals, which he has been co-leading during the discovery of the Mount Lindsay Tin-Tungsten deposit. Andrew is a founder and recently was a director of Blackstone Minerals Limited (ASX: BSX).

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