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AURORA Light Show dazzled visitors!

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

✦ Be dazzled by this creative display of lights in the Albury Botanic Gardens!

Albury Australia Aurora Light Show

If you've seen Laservision's AURORA Light Show, you'll never look at lights the same way again.

AURORA was a hit over the school holidays in July, with tens of thousands flocking to the Albury Botanic Gardens for this immersive outdoor lighting experience (despite cold winter nights).

The Albury Botanic Gardens was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours with the use of lasers, holograms, vivid lighting, digital artistry, immersive soundscapes, and many other sensory mediums. Visitors went on a journey through the gardens experiencing a different way of seeing nature's vibrant spirit.

From magical looking owls to colourful dinosaurs, huge trees dripping with liquid lights to pathways glowing with mysterious colours, it was an experience you had to see for yourself. Who would have thought one could do so many amazing things with light? Kudos to the people who came up with the creative ideas and those who put everything together to make something so magical a reality!

The performance was attended by over 60,000 visitors from the community and region and everyone from the youngest to the oldest loved the experience! In fact, it delighted visitors so much there was a request for it to be extended!

“Together with Albury City Council, we were very happy to extend the show for an additional week,” said Matthew Tuey, Director of Marketing at LASERVISION. “The overwhelming response from the community, social media, local F&B and hospitality providers made it clear there was significant demand for this show. It was the talk of the town and region and we had many patrons driving up to 5 hours away to see AURORA. It was humbling to hear the positive feedback and reviews of our show and we were happy to accommodate the extension.”

The cold also clearly did not put people off. Many came well-wrapped up in spite of the cold to experience a new way of seeing the Botanic Gardens.

Our CEO, Veronica Lind and her husband Ray attended the AURORA light show and were dazzled.

"We walked through the gardens twice, just to make sure we didn't miss anything! For a moment, we behaved like kids in a candy bar, awed by the lights that never stopped moving all around you and when you turn the next corner you see animations of a peacock spreading its feathers and a frog catching a fly. So much stimulation everywhere."

If you've missed it this time, mark this on your calendars because AURORA is set to return to Albury in Winter 2023!




Accommodation: Quest Albury On Townsend, Deanne Jones


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