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PRESTIGE Electrical Data Services Making Homes Smarter on the Mid North Coast

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

✦ Everything is going 'smart' nowadays, and even our homes are taking on an intelligence of their own.

Smart Home automatic systems monitor and/or control home attributes such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. It may also include home security such as access control and alarm systems.

Going Smart

So how does one go about having a Smart Home? Ask David Storok and his team. They are Smart Home Automation Experts. With 18 years of experience in electrical and structured data cabling, these highly qualified professionals are at the top of their game when it comes to Smart Homes.

The Smart Home Expert

PRESTIGE Electrical & Data Services are a PIXIE accredited SMART HOME AUTOMATION installer. What this means is they can show you how to control your PIXIE Smart Home from wherever you are.

PIXIE devices, distributed by SAL, are a versatile and affordable range of digital switches, dimmers and LED strips that are designed for easy installation by an electrician and simple operation by the consumer.

Smart technology is revolutionising how we control home systems like lighting and heating. Imagine having full control over how your house is, whether you're at home or not.

Benefits of a Smart Home

Remember these 4 Cs when you’re thinking about converting to a Smart Home:

  • Cost

  • Comfort

  • Convenience

  • Control

    1. Cost

Smart homes help you with more efficient expenses and even doing your part at being environmentally-friendly with a more efficient use of energy. Smart Homes allow you to control how much energy you spend. You can automate things like temperature, lights, opening and closing window treatments, and adjusting irrigation based on the weather.

2. Comfort

Make yourself comfortable. Literally, at the touch of a button…and even when you´re not at home! You can get your home ready to receive you or your guests in the exact condition you want it to be. We love coming home to a warm hearth in winter, and a Smart Home can do just that. You may prefer a dimmer lighting for the evening while your children want brighter lighting to study. It´s like personalising your Smart Home to what comfort means for each person.

3. Convenience

Schedule everything. Automating your home can enhance your living. You no longer have to run home early to prepare the house. You can control how your home will be from wherever you are. Forgot to set the irritation system on your way to the airport? You no longer have to rush home in a panic or ask the neighbours to vault over the walls to do that for you. Just press a button and it´s done.

4. Control

A few years ago, if you said you can talk to your house, you´d be considered mad. Now it´s the Smart thing to do. You´re doing what you have always done, just smarter, with full control of everything from anywhere with any device and you can even choose from four popular voice assistants which best suit you.

Wireless control that everyone can use

PIXIE uses Bluetooth® Mesh so you can enjoy the simple convenience of a connected home. This complete suite of Bluetooth Mesh smart home products allows them to ‘talk’ to each other without any extra wiring or Internet / Wi-Fi connection needed. Designed and supported in Australia, it can be used in existing and new homes.

Simple, Smart, Home

Simple - PIXIE is created to fit into your home’s decor, and simple wiring saves time and money. The system is built to work perfectly with Australian wiring practices. It’s compatible with the widest range of wall plates so you can simply swap your existing light switches for PIXIE smart ones.

Smart - PIXIE uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to transform your home into a smart home without extra wiring. You can create schedules, timers, scenes and more to customize your smart home to the way you want to live.

Home - You can get started with your PIXIE smart home by swapping over a single PIXIE smart dimmer in your favourite room. When you want more control, simply add more devices to include every room, every light, appliance and blind, inside and out.

About PRESTIGE Electrical & Data Services

David is proud to have one of the leading electrical teams on the Mid North Coast, providing high quality electrical services to all domestic, commercial and industrial customers.

Competitive pricing to provide practical solutions to electrical needs and a Lifetime workmanship guarantee assures a fast turnaround time for quotes and scheduled jobs.

PRESTIGE Electrical & Data Services are versatile, have years of knowledge and expertise which have led to opportunities to expand the business and grow capability, they are your electrical experts servicing the entire Mid North Coast region.

They only use high quality products backed with manufacturers warranties, have fully stocked service vehicles to enable job completion quickly and efficiently by a Licensed and accredited Master Electrician on every job.

Call them today or check out their website here


PRESTIGE Electrical and Data Services

David Storok


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