Where’s the world at with COVID-19 right now?

✦ Cast your mind back to late 2019.

Perhaps, if Australia-based, you were enjoying the early onset of another glorious summer, basking in the warm sunshine and looking forward to a fun-filled festive season with friends, family and loved ones. No doubt this is exactly how it panned out and everything seemed fine in the world. Smiles for miles!

However, a dark and worrying phenomena was stirring elsewhere that, ultimately, would unleash havoc on the entire world, crippling economies, inducing sickness and claiming millions of lives while completely changing the way in which we lived our lives, for a period and possibly forever.

The exact origins of COVID-19 are still debated by some but recent studies published in the journal Science tend to prove without doubt that it originated in the wet markets of Wuhan, China where irresponsible management of the wildlife trade suggests the virus jumped from animals to humans and – well, you know the rest and how the story unfolds.

Back to the present day and where we do we stand exactly in regards to the pandemic that literally brought the world to its knees? Well, quite simply, the answer really does depend on where you are based. Every country handled the onset of the virus in different ways, some proving more effective than others and subsequently a myriad of different rules still pervade.

A New Normal

Thankfully the majority of the world’s population have managed to get back to a level of normality in their daily lives, even if not entirely in certain places – a new normal if you like. Being able to conregate again, cross borders and embark on international travel was a huge relief to many who felt the claustrophobia brought about by enforced lockdowns a little too much.