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Aussie Born and Bred!

A very warm welcome to the latest edition of Brilliant magazine, where this month we focus on all things Australian made.

We meet Kylie Tucker from Victoria who took her hobby of hand-crafted leather goods into a fully fledged business with positive expansion plans on the horizon.

We also spend some time with fellow craftswoman Roberta Sandeman-Allen, an intuitive artist and deft hand with needle felting, who talks us through her passions and her pride at having her works exhibited at the Wauchope Creative Hub.

Michele Cook of Utopian Living gives us a sneak peek into upcoming fashion trends for spring and Travis Fredericks, owner of Dark Alley Business, gives us his take on the vinyl resurgence, tells us how COVID has affected the record business and shares his delight at witnessing the power of music connecting friends and family.

We catch-up with genre bending, multifaceted musician Karl S Williams who gives us some insights into his eclectic musical world ahead of his appearance at the Vibez in the Vines festival in October, while fellow musician James Bennett reveals some of his musical heritage and tells us about his new album “Life and Life Only”.

We hear the story of Dinki Co, founded during the pandemic, which specialises in sanitisation and disinfectant products such as the uniquely named Koala Farts and Tipsy Koala with 10% of their profits going to helping local wildlife charities.

Elsewhere, Mark Ennor gives tips on how to use our NSW Discover Vouchers, we look at upcoming journeys with Port Bus Charters, Tours & Rentals and review options for cruise holidays now the industry has revamped and aligned with COVID safety protocols. Having covered land and sea, we also take a solo flight up among the clouds with pilot Bruce Dunlop.

In the sports world we get to know Aussie racing sensation Dylan Young, take a look back at the recent Tokyo 2020 Games and meet a lone cyclist who emulated the Tour de France in Phuket all in the name of charity.

Mick Easton tells us about his business Mid Coast Mental Health Services and we catch up with TG’s and their use of indigenous programs in their child care curriculum.

In the garden, Greenbourne Nursery give us some invaluable soil tips and the folks at Accomplished Tree Management provide some novel ideas on repurposing our fallen timber.

In the investment world, Samso CEO Noel Ong gets excited about the Green Hydrogen space and tells us about one of the most compelling ASX stories he’s ever heard, while John Clarke of Success Tax Professionals sheds the light on cryptocurrency.

Last but not least, those with a sweet tooth are covered as we delve into the box of delights that is Davies Chocolates and learn why a wholly committed approach to best-practice sustainability is so important to the 90-year-old business.

You can guarantee whatever it is, if it's Aussie made then it is done so with love, care and a lot of spirit – happy reading!

Ben Tirebuck, Editor-at-large


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