Dinki Co Launches Koala Farts and Tipsy Koala Disinfectants

Updated: Jan 18

A bit of Australian crudeness is saving local wildlife while keeping us clean and safe

Craig Gove and Jacob Young founded Dinki Co during the COVID-19 pandemic with a much needed product line to disinfect and sanitise.

So far they released two products with many more in the development stage.

Koala Farts is a eucalyptus-based surface spray that kills 99.9% of germs on impact.

Tipsy Koala is a non-scented hand sanitiser which is manufactured in an aerosol for user convenience and this design makes it an ideal product for easy portability.

Stay safe with a new range of surface disinfectant sprays and hand sanitisers

Dinki Co's launch comes with a charitable twist

Both Craig and Jacob have decided to donate 10% of all profits to local charities supporting local wildlife.

“We would like to thank Cathy Frank Studio’s for the fantastic job they have done with our brand development and marketing, as it would have been near impossible for us to have come this far without their support,” said Jacob. “With Cathy’s undeniable talent in product branding and the photographic skills of Sean Alves, they have cleared the way for Craig and I to implement our vision in creating a range of products that are so necessary in these times and will allow us to support our local wildlife and community through charitable donations.”

The new range of products are currently available online at www.dinki.com.au and will be rolled out into stores for customer convenience during the coming weeks.

“Every year we will decide on a local charity to support and 10% of our yearly profits will be donated to that charity in July of every year,” said Craig. “We wanted to do our bit to help out the local community. Jacob and I are both animal enthusiasts and have been looking forward to this initiative for a while now.”

Australian Made and Sustainably Sourced

Both Koala Farts and Tipsy Koala are made using only Australian ingredients and materials and are sustainably sourced.

“It was an important part of the process for us to ensure that we kept all of our sourcing and production in Australia,” said Craig.

The team is undeniably proud to be Australian and are thankful for being able to do their part in helping Australia recover from the bushfires and the more recent pandemic. The company bears the green and gold kangaroo logo and has been endorsed by the Australian Made Campaign.

This initiative is sure to propel Dinki Co into the spotlight and all market research data clearly shows that Australians love both the products and the initiative taken by the company.