Life is Better with a Box of Davies Chocolates

Updated: Jan 18

When Sidney Davies started its chocolate business some 90 years ago, he didn’t know how far it would go. From his kitchen benchtop to the Government House, life was indeed a box of chocolates. Now Davies Chocolates is owned by the Kowald Family.

¨Eat chocolate, enjoyably!¨ - Noel Kowald, Australian chocolatier

Noel Kowald of Davies Chocolates knows what he is talking about. And we are glad his fondness for and dedication to making the finest chocolate continues to make Davies Chocolates so beloved today.

At Davies Chocolates, the word 'guilt' is not associated with chocolate. Rather, it is something to be savoured, appreciated and shared.

A genuine Aussie business success story

Davies Chocolates is a genuine Aussie business success story.

It has a rich, nearly 90-year history of making these beautiful treats. The delicious story started in 1932, the same year that the Sydney Harbour Bridge was completed.

Sidney Davies

Sidney Davies began making chocolates from his home kitchen in Sydney. He was spurred by a passionate belief in crafting chocolate by hand, every step of the way. He created the most scrumptious, delightful assortment of fondants, hard centres, jellies and ginger, all generously coated with a layer of smooth, rich, creamy chocolate.

From his humble home kitchen, Sidney expanded his business with the help of his son-in-law, John Williams. They had tremendous success and soon found themselves supplying these delectable chocolate treats everywhere - to golf and bowling clubs, leagues, RSL and country clubs in NSW. And their delicious treats even made an impression on the Governor at Government House - quite an achievement for a humble piece of chocolate!

Over time, Davies Chocolates became known for their fine quality, handmade chocolate using unique recipes and the best quality ingredients.

Margaret Kimber

In the mid 1980s, Margaret Kimber took over the business. Her contribution was bringing in new and innovative packaging designs. Davies Chocolates became the first to offer picture boxes featuring Australian images to promote their chocolates. Under Margaret's leadership, the business continued to grow and in the early 1990s, she moved the factory to its present location in Kingsgrove, NSW, where Davies Chocolates are still made today using traditional handcrafted chocolate techniques.

Noel and Jeanette Kowald

Throughout its history, Davies Chocolate has had the fortune to have been steered by good leadership. It continues to uphold the finest quality and standard while innovating and growing with the times.

Today, Davies Chocolates is owned by the Kowald family who have been able to expand on Sidney Davies’ vision by bringing Davies Chocolates to the whole of Australia. If Sidney were here today, he would be left quite speechless, and certainly very proud to know that a little treat that was born in his home kitchen is now reaching all corners of Australia.

As the new generation of owners leading Davies Chocolates, Noel Kowald and his wife and business partner, Jeanette have reimagined the business by not only bringing it to the national market, but also in meeting the ever-increasing standards that Australian consumers demand, such as using sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients from Australian suppliers.