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Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Here are a few favourites we picked up from Accomplished Tree Management on how you can repurpose your fallen tree to curate a range of practical, unique and inspiring home and garden solutions.

1. Creating small side tables for multiple use throughout the house is a great way of repurposing the trunk of a tree. These tables can be perfect for a lamp at the bedside, to stand plants or similar decorations on in the lounge or hallway, or to store toiletries in the bathroom.

Repurposed wooden side tables, Feature by Brilliant-Online
Repurposed wooden side tables
Repurposed wooden key hangers, Feature by Brilliant-Online
Repurposed wooden key hangers

2. Looking to jazz up the wardrobe? Why not create a tree branch hanger for clothes? Similarly you could create a hanger for keys and associated nick-nacks. Adding a lick of paint further enhances the look and integration into your home decor.

3. An especially novel way to use your discarded timber is to create decorative ornaments. Simple, small cut offs can be sanded down, varnished and painted to provide an inspiring range of trinkets, baubles and knickknacks. This is something that is becoming increasingly popular around the festive period where home made decorations are continually taking the place of shop-bought options – it is a much cheaper method too and can be turned into a fun exercise by enlisting help from the kids. Simply drill a hole, attach some thread and your shiny new decoration is ready to be hung on the family Christmas tree!

Repurposed wooden Christmas Ornaments, Feature by Brilliant-Online
Repurposed Wooden Christmas Ornaments

4. Mulching is a method integral to retaining moisture in soil by keeping it cool. It also helps suppress weeds, prevents frost heaving in the winter months, and generally gives your garden bed a lot more of a favourable and attractive look. Organic mulches also help improve the soil's structure, drainage, and nutrient-holding capacity as they decompose. Discarded timber is perfect for this and Accomplished Tree Management are renowned for their mulch expertise and products.

Check out Mulch recipe:

For more ideas on how you can repurpose fallen trees, check out tree stories from Accomplished Tree Management.

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