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The Business Awards are back for 2024!

Updated: Mar 3

The Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry announces the return of the 2024 Wauchope and Hinterland Business Awards program and the 2024 Coastline Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards is coming up too!

Businesses in Wauchope and Port Macquarie are gearing up to be celebrated and to celebrate each other at the highly anticipated annual business awards in both regions!

2024 Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards

These awards serve as a tribute to our dynamic local business community, recognising the indispensable contributions made by our local entrepreneurs.

More than just a recognition ceremony, these awards foster stronger team bonds, provide moments for introspection on our business journeys, and spark forward-thinking visions for the future.

Through the Local Chamber Alliance formed between the Wauchope Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the NSW Business Chamber, the aligned Awards entries will feed into the NSW Business Chamber Mid North Coast Regional Awards, providing greater opportunities for local businesses to gain exposure and promotion to a broader audience. Winners at the regional level progress to the State Awards later in the year.

Local Awards

  1. Excellence in Accommodation and Hospitality

  2. Excellence in Agriculture

  3. Excellence in Creative Industries

  4. Excellence in Health and Wellbeing

  5. Excellence in Hair and Beauty

  6. Excellence in Professional Services (20 employees or less)

  7. Excellence in Professional Services (21 employees or more)

  8. Excellence in Retail (10 employees or less)

  9. Excellence in Retail (10 employees or more)

  10. Excellence in Tourism

  11. Excellence in Trades, Industry & Manufacturing

  12. Excellence in Work Health and Safety

NSW Business Chamber Aligned Awards

  1. Outstanding Employee

  2. Outstanding Young Business Leader

  3. Outstanding Business Leader

  4. Employer of Choice (under 20 employees)

  5. Employer of Choice (over 20 employees)

  6. Excellence in Innovation

  7. Excellence in Sustainability

  8. Outstanding Community Organisation

  9. Outstanding Visitor Experience

  10. Outstanding Start-up

  11. Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

  12. Excellence in Micro Business

  13. Excellence in Small Business

  14. Excellence in Large Business

  15. Business of the Year

*Categories may change with yearly review

2024 Business Awards

Annually, local businesses and industry organisations are invited to nominate themselves for the Business Awards. This prestigious event celebrates the accomplishments, innovations, and the people behind them within our community.

The Awards, featuring a diverse range of independently judged categories, serve as a platform for recognising local success stories. Some categories even align with entry into the Business NSW Regional and State Awards, amplifying exposure and recognition on a broader scale.

The nomination, voting, and judging processes will lead up to the grand finale: the Gala Dinner event. This gathering promises to be a night of celebration, highlighting the resilience and dedication of businesses across various sectors within our region.

Businesses play a pivotal role in our community's fabric and these awards are an opportunity for each community to come together to express gratitude to local businesses who are contributing to making the community thrive. ❋


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