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Brilliant-Online won "Excellence in Innovation" Business Award!

Updated: Mar 12

✦ We couldn't have done this without our Brilliant readers and advertisers! Here's to many more Brilliant years of making Brilliant Businesses sparkle!

The 2023 Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards was a much anticipated night of celebration of the incredible variety of successful businesses in our communities. The Wauchope Chamber of Commerce and Industry did an amazing job hosting the awards and everyone had a great time coming together and celebrating each other's successes.

Brilliant-Online took home the Excellence in Innovation Business Award that night, and we were absolutely thrilled to bits!

Brilliant-Online won the Excellence in Innovation Business Award

A Brilliant Motivation

It's a huge motivation to be recognised for our Excellence in Innovation. This is a tribute to the unwavering support from everyone who has been a part of our incredible two-and-a-half year journey. Our dedicated and passionate Brilliant team of editors, graphic artists, technologists, and marketers will continue to bring the magic of interaction across the globe, pushing boundaries and scaling new heights to make a lasting impact on our communities.

Celebrating everyone's win

Every year's business awards is also a great time to come together with our clients as we celebrate each other's hard work and efforts. Having been on our clients' brilliant business journeys with them, we understand their challenges and we have seen how they have each overcome their individual hurdles. That is why it is so important to show up for each other and award or no, every client, every business we have come into contact with is a winner in how they have pushed through with their business journeys.

Thank you, Mayor Peta Pinson!

Congratulatory letter from Mayor Peta Pinson to Brilliant-Online for winning Excellence in Innovation Awards

We were also truly heartened to receive this letter from Mayor Peta Pinson! We love how everyone can share in our joy and our win. As those of us who work with and support small businesses know, when one business thrives, the other businesses in the community benefits too. We are certainly looking forward to a Brilliant year ahead!

Advertise Brilliantly

As Noel Ong of Samso says, Brilliant-Online is his Red Seagull Strategy. If you ever spot a red seagull flying above you, you will be intrigued and want to follow it. Brilliant-Online has been a Red Seagull, attracting more than 70,000 readers since we started!

As an advertiser, when you come on board Brilliant-Online, you only pay one price for advertorials but receive multichannel marketing that includes your story in our interactive Brilliant Magazine, a feature blog on our website PLUS all links directed to your website and or socials. Brilliant-Online will share your advertorials on all our social platforms and to 15,000 email subscribers. Long term advertisers also enjoy an ad banner on our website. And best of all, your ads are trackable.

Your spending is about $0.015 cents per impression. That is more effective than most print and digital advertising.

Bookings for July Brilliant-Online are now open!

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Our Brilliant Trio know how to make your business sparkle!


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