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Small Businesses to Dream Big!

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

✦ Get ready to be brilliant with Marketing in 2023!

Great minds think alike when it comes to marketing. Veronica Lind, a modern marketer herself spoke with Jenn Donovan to share her thoughts on social media and marketing for 2023 for small businesses.

Jump off with social media

Small businesses know social media can help them. It's a good trampoline to get them further but social media alone cannot sustain a business. Cyber threats abound nowadays and we often hear about accounts being hacked etc. If your social media were to shut down suddenly today, would you still have a business?

That is why Jenn recommends also focusing on other things such as:

  • Know who your audience is, what platforms they are on and where you should be marketing

  • Build an email list so you can nurture them off and on platforms. It's not about getting everyone to open your email. Concentrate on your followers instead.

  • Have a website, or if not, at least use Google Business Profile.

Listen to Jenn share more about social media and marketing for small businesses.

Move forward into 2023 and stand out

Retail is a tough industry, and two years of shut down due to COVID-19 has made it even harder. Bringing a bricks-and-mortar business to cyberspace has been a challenge, and given the current climate, it is not exactly clear how things will go either. Jenn has observed that instead of having online retail increase over the holiday season, now that people can get out, they prefer to go into stores instead of shopping online.

Online shopping | Brilliant-Online

Jenn concludes that diversification is therefore key. A business cannot rely on just one method. It's not about only having a physical shop, or having it entirely online.

With so much uncertainty and unpredictability (in general, that's how trends behave, customer preferences can change at the drop of a hat so you need to adapt quickly), businesses need to find ways to stand out and be memorable.

Noel Ong, CEO of Samso has a unique Red Seagull strategy that he uses. He tells compelling stories by engaging business leaders to reveal insights that are relevant, timely and beneficial to the investment community. His stories pique interest, engage curiosity and make people want to follow them, like when you notice a Red Seagull.

Diversify with omni-channel marketing

Another tip that Jenn recommends is using multi-channel marketing or omni-channel marketing. This can help a business expand their outreach beyond that of their website. In cyberspace, small businesses can expand their limit by getting into Facebook groups, marketplaces and boost their SEO so they can be easily found. It is worth spending time and money to really get all the juice you can out of your SEO for your business.

Veronica shares free resources for Small Business Marketing

Veronica and her team of experts have put together some free resources and tools to help you do better sales, marketing and communications. They're free always ... for anyone, anywhere.

Pay to Play

"Anyone who has been on social media for any length of time knows that it's a Pay to Play space. You really do have to pay to get a huge amount of traction or good return on your investment." - Jenn Donovan

Paying for advertising is not a new idea. In the past, brands paid to be featured on the radio, TV or newspapers and magazines. Social media came along and it was great for a time being cheap. For businesses that do want to grow, you have to put something in. To make money, you need to spend some money.

Check out these two TV ads made by Vermilion Pinstripes for their clients, TG's Child Care and My Blue Tea

"There is a golden rule that says you should spend around 10% of your turnover (not profit) into reinvesting into your business." - Jenn Donovan

A key point to spending wisely and knowing what to spend on depends on what you know about your target audience.

Get a professional

Should small businesses go about marketing on their own, or should they get a professional? With the amount of information and resources available now on the Internet, a business could always turn to YouTube and Google for some guidance. Others follow experts on social media such as digital coaches and marketers and get a few tips and tricks there.

Once a business has got the money to invest, they should start doing it professionally. It's hard for small businesses at the beginning, so you may have to DIY for a while. Or there are local chambers or organisations that can offer resources and networking. A good example of this is Micro Business Forum (MBF), the friendliest small business network in the Port Macquarie-Hastings region.

Small Business can Plan Better in the New Year

A new year is the time for you to expand your network and renew your skills and sales. A good time to plan! So what can small business owners do to va-va-vroom into 2023?

Download this eBook for 5 tips to spur you on! | Vermilion Pinstripes
Download this eBook for 5 tips to spur you on!


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