Why Social Media is Important for your Brand

Updated: Jul 13

✦ Tessa Kutscher and Anna McAfee bring two ideas of what social media can really do that can take you from Marketing 101 to Marketing Specialist.

We think of social media as something businesses can use to reach out to customers. It makes you visible, you can share your story, it tells people you exist.

That's Marketing 101. Social media actually has a much more powerful potential than just that.

Tessa Kutscher and Anna McAfee use social media to:

  1. Educate

  2. Build Communities

Tessa Kutscher is Corporate Affairs Advisor of Blackstone Minerals Limited (ASX:BSX), featured on Brilliant-Online
Tessa Kutscher, Blackstone Minerals Limited

Tessa Kutscher is Corporate Affairs Advisor of Blackstone Minerals Limited (ASX:BSX). As Corporate Affairs Advisor, Tessa's job is mainly to 'keep Blackstone in people's faces', looking after Managing Director Scott Williams and the team in terms of keeping the company up and running, and engaging with investors and shareholders.

A big part of her role is the social media side of things and how they use social media to keep in touch with their shareholders to get the news flow out. It is a way to make sure the Blackstone story is understood and is getting out there. For her company, social media does the incredible job of educating.

Anna McAfee featured on Brilliant-Online
Anna McAfee

Anna McAfee is a Community Curator, Educator and LinkedIn Trainer and Consultant for companies who want to establish their LinkedIn company page. She is bringing the idea of social media, specifically LinkedIn, as a means of bridging diversity. She wrote a book called ‘How a Hashtag Changed the World’, sharing the lessons for building user communities, activating local ambassadors, and how we can view social media as a tool to embrace diversity and bridge the human connection gap in a post pandemic world when we are able to gather again.

Blackstone's Strategy

Branding is important for Blackstone Minerals Limited. This is so, even for a company in the mining resources industry, which is not traditionally a sector that is so big on social media.

Blackstone is highly prevalent on social media with an incredibly high visibility across social platforms. It makes its Managing Director Scott Williamson very 'seen'.

Blackstone educates the market using social media, and helps them understand the company's story better, making a complex story digestible and engaging.

Tessa focuses on the narrative the business wants to be told over the stages they are going through. This can start from scoping study to pre-visibility study, downstream and upstream, to DFS to getting a mine back into operation.

One cannot assume the market understands the story the same way as the business itself does. One has to think about how to educate the market, what story to tell around the milestones, and how they can help with understanding the company's story better.

Social Media is Where People Congregate

Truth is, people nowadays congregate around Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms. During the Middle Ages we c