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Let Food be thy Medicine - Comboyne Pharmer

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

✦ David King, from "Comboyne Pharmer" says "It's better to pay a little more to an organic farmer now than pay a lot more to the doctor later."

This farmer believes that an organic a day keeps the doctor away.

If you've ever tasted a 100% natural, organic fruit or vegetable, you'll want to have it for the rest of your life!

You are what you eat.
Linda and David, Comboyne Pharmer as featured in Brilliant-Online
Lynda and David, Comboyne Pharmer

Ask David King and his wife Lynda from Comboyne Pharmer and they'll tell you that's the absolute truth.

We went to the beautiful Comboyne Plateau where Grazed & Grown Farm is located to speak to one of their friendly neighbours, David and Lynda who are organic farmers.

Comboyne Pharmer is a small business run by just David and Lynda. They are kept busy working full time growing organic fruit and vegetables.

Green fingers from the beginning

David has been involved in horticulture his entire life. He spent his first 20 years on his parents' farm so he is no stranger to all things green and leafy. It gave him a solid background in the art and industry of horticulture and fed his love for natural, organic food. Later he went on to do an apprenticeship in gardening. He spent six years doing that before he went travelling for another three years.

These days David is devoting his skills, knowledge and experience into his passion for growing clean, natural, organic food. Comboyne Pharmer has been hard at work for the past four years growing and supplying organic food to the local community.

How does your garden grow?

At Comboyne Pharmer, you can find a variety of fruits such as loganberries, blackberries, mulberries, raspberries and some blueberries. When we were speaking to David, he had just brought up some loganberries for Pete and Bec at Grazed & Grown Farm. Other than the family of berries, David's orchard also has different citrus, nuts and even bananas!

Bananas growing on the Comboyne Plateau may somewhat surprise people, but David has managed to coax the bananas to grow quite happily. They sit back somewhat during winter but with the warmer weather he has collected a dozen bunches already. The variety of bananas he has on his farm are the cold variety, unlike the North Queensland ones.

Nutritional food for the community

While David does not sell direct to the public per se, his products can be found in many other places where people can go and buy. He collaborates with organic outlets and shops such as Ken Little. Organics MattR, Wild Culture and Sohip Organics. So if you are craving for some delicious organic fruits and vegetables grown under David's care, you'll know where to go to find them.

Organic Market

Organic vs. non-organic

For David, nutritionally dense food is key. With organic food, the nutritional value is much higher, and there is no chemical or artificial input when growing these foods. So how can you tell if a fruit is organic or run-of-the-mill-chemically-influenced? Organic fruits look natural, and by that we mean they vary in size, shape and colour. They don't look like they came out of an assembly line. See it as each fruit having its own unique character. They look perfectly imperfect with blemishes, kinks and bumps. Basically, they are not Instagram-friendly! Non-organic fruits look 'pretty' and perfect because of the aid of chemical and artificial fertilizers.

Beyond its looks, the flavour of organic food is what makes you keep coming back for more. There is a huge difference in the flavour. Those of us who were lucky to grow up with a grandmother's mini orchard will remember how sweet grandma's pears were and how you could eat a tomato all on its own because it actually had taste. This is not our brains dressing things up by being nostalgic about the past. It's because grandma's fruits were simply natural, organic and real.

Go organic, and keep the doctors at bay

When we looked at the Comboyne Pharmer's logo at first glance, we thought we stumbled upon a doctor's clinic or the local pharmacy. David chose this logo for a good reason. The idea is you can choose to have nutritional food now, and pay the farmer more for it, or you can spend your money on the doctor years later when careless consumption takes its toll. That is David's philosophy guiding not just his logo but in all that he does at Comboyne Pharmer.

You are what you eat, right now. It sounds like a wise thing to do to start right away, feeding our bodies good, clean, nutritional, organic food. Our health deserves it. If you pass by Comboyne Plateau, say hi to David, and you may be inspired to feed your body delicious, organic food every day.

An organic orange, anyone?

“Let food be thy medicine”

Contact Comboyne Pharmer

David King

t/ 0418437411


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