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What a day, what a farm, what an experience at Grazed and Grown Farm!

✦ Veronica and Chrissy, with husbands in tow, were delighted to take Bec and Pete, from Grazed & Grown Farm, up on their invitation to meet the family, take a tour of the farm, meet the farm animals and taste some of their delicious produce recently.

A visit to the award-winning farm

We weren’t the only ones who experienced the delights of Grazed & Grown Farm on Sunday 4th December. The gates were thrown open to all 2022 customers as a thank you, to sit around, chat, learn about the farm and the family's plans for 2023 and beyond.

“A BIG thank you to everyone who came to the farm over the past 12 months and particularly when we opened the gates to all our customers to come and meet us and some of the animals, enjoy the views and taste some of our delicious produce,” said Bec. “We know that farming, producing and supplying our produce to customers is only half of our enjoyment. To be able to meet some of our customers face to face really starts to complete the passion of our journey.”

Bec would also like to thank those that messaged and called to send their apologies for the day, they understand it's a busy time of year, but don't worry she told us: “We would love to see those that couldn’t make it soon and we will continue to open our gates on a regular basis for our customers to come and enjoy the farm and learn more about where their produce comes from.”

Taste buds were tantalised

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Visitors were treated to some absolutely delicious produce from Grazed & Grown Farm including Rhubarb and Chilli Glazed Smoked Ham, Baked Pork Porchetta Roast, homemade Egg Noodles, Burek made from Immune Boosting Beef Mince and Devilled Eggs.

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Accompanying was produce from supporting farms, Comboyne Orchards who supplied Certified Organic Avocados which were turned into a scrumptious guacamole, and a mixed green leaf salad from Sohip Organics & Masters of Fresh completed the buffet.

We even had some homemade ice cream that Bec and Pete’s daughter’s Miah and Skye make which is only available at the Farm Shop. Very yummy!

A relaxing afternoon, taking in the magnificent views of the Comboyne Plateau and chatting whilst sitting around the fire pit or under the shade of the fig tree was had by all. A visit to the farm is definitely one that we would encourage all to put on the to do list over the festive season and holiday period ahead.

The Brilliant Team with Bec of Grazed & Grown Farm
The Brilliant Team with Bec of Grazed & Grown Farm

Mini Farmers

Watch for details for Farm Tours during the School Holidays on Grazed and Grown Farm Facebook page. Bring the family up to meet the animals and show your kids where their food comes from. Have a picnic after the tour and enjoy breathtaking views over Bago Bluff. Grazed & Grown Farm offers a range of healthy lunch options, some fresh farm produce and homemade ice-cream.


Grazed & Grown Farm

Ph: Peter 0419 219 994

Ph: Rebecca 0400 164 270


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