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Excitement and Anticipation

Updated: Jan 13, 2023

✦ These two words come to mind for Grazed & Grown Farm in 2023. There are so many new things planned, underway, or in the planning stage which will help to improve the overall health and quality of the land, animals, the farming experience and, of course, the quality of the produce.

To stay up to date with all that’s going on at the farm, behind the scenes info and to get access to special deals, sign up to their newsletter.

Website upgrades are underway to make ordering easier with additions including meat boxes, subscriptions, home delivery options and a loyalty program.

School holidays are a time for fun and education at the farm

Throughout January, Grazed & Grown have kids farm experiences, where the kids can interact with the animals, learn a bit about farming and help roll in the day’s eggs. As well, Regenerative Farm Tours are a fun and educational experience, aimed at those that would like to know how their food is being produced. For more information use this link

Find your Food, Find your Farmer

Did you wake up on New Year’s Day and think, “I’m going to make a difference this year”, but don’t know where to start? Here is your 2023 challenge…

Go out each month and visit one farm, or find a producer that can supply you with something you currently use and buy from an unknown source from a supermarket. Finding a local farmer or producer will help limit food miles, support a local family and the local economy plus help provide food security to your region.

But wait, there is a catch. The farm/producer you visit needs to be making a positive impact on the environment, ethically raising their livestock and supplying their local community.

Once you visit a farm/producer, share your thoughts with friends and family to help spread the word. If we can build the regenerative farming momentum, we can have a huge impact on the local environment.

Bec and Pete have an exciting update

An all-new trial has seen them offering meat boxes and home delivery to some areas across the Greater Port Macquarie/Hastings region. “We have gathered a lot of feedback regarding what people like and don’t like about meat boxes and have come up with a very flexible way of providing incredibly delicious beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and a variety of bonus items, delivered straight to your door,” said Bec.

Whilst the website is being upgraded, they will have a simple email ordering system. If you would like to know more, please email or send a request on Facebook.

A new house pig – “Snort”

She lost all her siblings to paralysis ticks. So now Bec and Pete’s front porch is home to two dogs, one cat, one "Snort" and a couple of wandering chickens.

"Putting on the boots is a real social event now. If you would like to meet "Snort", drop up to the farm and say hello. We have the Farm Gate shop open Saturdays and Sundays from 11-2pm and we will be running some specials through the month of January,” Pete told us.

Conditions last year were perfect for the local wildlife and the birds of prey have been circling over the farm daily. Bec said, "Our resident wedge-tails look fat and healthy from all of their prey. They stopped in for a visit when Ollie our Maremma guardian was out stretching his legs, and the sight of a 1-metre tall bird on the chicken’s electric fence was quite alarming! Luckily Ollie came back in time to send them on their way."

Want to try some Grazed & Grown produce, but don’t know where to start?

You will find their produce on the menu at TwoTriplefour Restaurant, Bills Fishhouse & Bar PMQ, The Nook café North Haven, and The Udder Cow Café Comboyne. These iconic places love to support local and only serve the highest quality produce.


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Grazed & Grown

Ph: Peter 0419 219 994

Ph: Rebecca 0400 164 270


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