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Why do Grazed and Grown farm the way they do?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

✦ Implications on farm's practices and health?

Grazed & Grown Farm began with a wake up moment that many of us have had. We really are what we eat. The food we choose to eat provides the building blocks for every single cell in our body.

This light bulb moment triggered a desire to learn about health and the role food has in our lives. Bec and Pete wanted to raise their children to be as healthy as possible, so they started a quest to learn everything they could. Fast forward 15 years and they have moved from the city, changed professions, learnt how to grow a veggie garden, started a farm and are now producing some of the most nutrient dense produce on the Mid North Coast.

Health and Nutrition, what makes their produce different?

If we are what we eat, then our animals are what they eat, and so on. Is it really that simple? Pete answered with, “Well not quite, you see it’s our gut microbiome that breaks down the foods we eat and uses those building blocks to build our body. Our gut health also has a lot to do with our emotions, sleep quality, energy levels, etc.”

He further explained, “We get our microbiome from our Mothers when we are born, which is why people of different backgrounds are more suited to different diets.”

Eat a diverse, nutrient rich diet

By eating a diverse, nutrient rich diet, we can improve our microbiome, boosting our resilience and immune system. We can also put our microbiome out of balance, which has huge effects on our physical and mental health.

Exposure to toxins, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals and antibiotics all tip the balance the wrong way. Likewise, if we don’t feed our good bacteria they die off, so eating nutrient deficient foods or heavily processed foods tips the scales even further in the wrong direction.

Pete further explained, “This is where the principles of 'Oneness' come in. We have a microbiome to look after, as do our animals, the soil, the ocean, and the sky. These are all very important when considering how to grow the most nutrient dense produce possible.

"We are all familiar with how manure on the veggie garden helps things grow. This is because the manure feeds the bacteria in the soil so they can create the building blocks for the veggies to thrive.”

This is what Grazed & Grown farming is all about

The animals move around the paddocks in a controlled rotational pattern “fertilising” the paddocks as they go. By adding diversity to the types of livestock that are moved (cattle/sheep/pigs/chickens) Bec and Pete are increasing the diversity of bacteria in the soil.

They then introduce new types of plants, or 'cover crops’ to increase diversity in the pastures. As the livestock are exposed to the new cover crops they increase diversity in their own microbiome and leave behind a more diverse manure, and the cycle goes on and on.

The soil and plants then interact with the sky and exchange elements, capturing sunshine and rain and increasing the availability of nutrients.

That is a good base for nutrition but does it provide enough?

Whilst the pastures are rapidly improving, each animal has its own digestive system and dietary requirements. Grazed & Grown's cattle and sheep are herbivores and with the addition of a complete mineral supplement, they thrive on the fresh pastures.

Their heritage breed pigs, layer hens and meat chickens all need a supplemental feed. Chemical/pesticide/GMO free certified sustainable feeds are sourced from Country Heritage Feeds, prepared by an animal nutritionist to meet all of their individual dietary requirements and adding valuable nutrients and minerals to the manure trail. With no vaccinations, drenches or antibiotics Grazed & Grown animals are as healthy as nature intended.

Highly Delicious, Highly Nutritious and Fun

Health isn’t all about nutrition though; just ask any of the 100+ mini farmers that visited the farm over the school holidays.

Pete told us, “Much of the joy and happiness we feel comes from the love and compassion we share with the animals. Kids and parents were able to experience and interact with animals, roll in eggs and learn a little about Regenerative farming practices. Many of the families left with a great selection of fresh and frozen produce from the Farm Gate Shop, and enjoyed our daughter's famous farmhouse Vanilla Ice cream.”

Bec continues, “It’s fantastic to see so much interest in where real food is produced, and having the opportunity to share what we do. Creating long lasting memories for these kids and their families is such a buzz.”

So why not join in the fun and education?

Grazed & Grown Farm run a range of different tours, ranging from kids mini farmers experiences, educational Regenerative farming tours, and farming workshops for people looking to start their own farming journey. Follow their socials or join their mailing list for upcoming dates.


Grazed & Grown

Ph: Peter 0419 219 994

Ph: Rebecca 0400 164 270


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