Grazed & Grown - WINNER - Excellence in Agriculture

✦ 2022 Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards

Situated on the beautiful Comboyne Plateau on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Grazed & Grown Farm has evolved from a desire for wellness and a passion for the land by the Armstrong family; Pete, Bec, Miah and Skye.

Their passion is in farming the most nutrient dense food possible without the use of chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. To do this they nurture the land itself through regenerative practices.

Pete told us, “It’s no secret that a healthy diet supports a healthy body and a healthy mind; trying to fill the house with incredibly nutritious foods can be challenging. Our answer was to grow as much of our own food as possible, and source other foods locally from like minded people.“

Excellence in Agriculture, Grazed & Grown Farm as featured in Brilliant-Online Magazine
Photo: Meraki Photography. Rebecca and Peter Armstrong, Grown & Gathered Farm - Excellence in Agriculture

Caring for the land

Farm animals are forever moving in a rotational pattern across the pastures, scratching up the earth and trampling in manure as they pass. When they return there is an abundance of lush vegetation and a plethora of insect species to nourish them.

The family works with animal nutritionists and scientists from Australia and abroad to provide a complete balanced diet for their animals, to help reach their goals.

Free range chickens and Angus beef cattle grazing in lush fields on the Comboyne `plateau
The flock of chickens roam free amongst the lush fields