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Jump, Experience the Thrill of Free Falling from 10,000 Feet

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

What a Fabulous Event Held at Skydive Port Macquarie Across the Last Weekend in January 2022!

Skydiver, Skydiving, Port Macquarie, Featured on Brilliant-Online
Skydiving at Port Macquarie

One hundred parachuters were jumping from two different aircraft - a Caravan aeroplane and a helicopter.

All experienced skydivers, but for some, it was their very first skydive from a helicopter.

Ten thousand feet up, hanging from a helicopter, then free fall and take in the scenery! The general consensus was, “ WOW! LET’S GO UP AGAIN! THAT WAS SO COOL!”

Brilliant-online joined in, albeit from the sidelines, chatted with some of the thrill seekers who all expressed their absolute passion for the exhilarating sport and turned our eyes to the sky to witness the spectacle in the sky over Port Macquarie.

Photo Gallery: Skydiving at Port Macquarie, Saturday 29th January 2022

Jumpers came from all over - Sydney, Brisbane and regional NSW, ranging in age from late teens to early 60’s, male and female and we even spied a gorilla!

All skydivers who participated, the working teams and spectators are all to be congratulated for such a fantastic event.

We spoke with some of the skydivers whilst they were on the ground!

Eduardo Fogaca, 200th Skydive at Port Macquarie

Eduardo Fogaca, Skydiving, Port Macquarie, Featured on Brilliant-Online
Eduardo Fogaca, Skydiver

Eduardo Fogaca added a page to his skydive resume by completing his 200th jump over the beautiful region of Port Macquarie.

Born in Brazil, he now lives in Sydney and is an avid skydiver. Not only was it his 200th jump, but it was his first from a helicopter. "The helicopter was pretty fun, a different experience," he said. "The freefall is different. It's very good because you don't feel the pressure from the air. You feel like you are falling and the air is not holding you up.”

Eduardo was in a group of seven people all jumping at the same time. The helicopter hovers, the skydivers take their positions, this particular time hanging by their legs from the helicopter feet, heads down!

The group did a formation jump, forming a star. “It was pretty fun," said Eduardo. "Hanging from the legs of the helicopter by our legs. Looking down at the beautiful beaches and letting the helicopter go. Up 10,000 feet. Very cool.”

He skydives with a group of friends from his home in Picton. They all know each other and are basically at the same experience level. Because of this they are confident that they will make the formation.

“I just love skydiving, the feeling is amazing.”

Eduardo told us it’s all about having fun. “ No pressure, just have fun, enjoy,” he said.

Every skydiver has to start, do their first jump. You're always learning, he told us.

“ Events like this are great. The experienced trainers help us, they explain what we need to do better. We can see the videos of our jumps and see how it's progressing. The instructors really help, so it's good. It's worth it. Life is good.”

Michael Keddie: Just Because of the Helicopters

Michael Keddie travelled from the Central Coast to attend the Port SkyDive weekend. He says skydiving is good fun having been involved for a little over a year.

Asked why he likes the sport he said, “I am a bit of a rookie. Usually I jump with friends but sometimes that doesn’t work out. I was nervous of course the first time but once you get your head around it it becomes fun.”

Having jumped from helicopters before, Michael didn’t want to miss the opportunity and came to the event especially for the helicopter jumps. He told us, “ When you jump from the helicopter the air is still, it’s a different feeling, you lose your stomach!”


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