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Meet Matt Boag, Professional Skydive Instructor

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

✦ Hailing from the Gold Coast, Queensland, for the past 13 years, Matt Boag has around 2,500 skydives under his belt to date.

Matt Boag - Professional Skydiver, Skydiving, Port Macquarie, Featured on Brilliant-Online
Matt Boag - Professional Skydive Instructor

We chatted with Matt at the Skydive event held at Port Macquarie Airport. Although the skydivers present are mostly highly experienced, he was present to teach others how to improve their skill.

That’s his day job. He is a skydive instructor, but this is the first event he has been at that uses a helicopter. He told us that not many skydiving operations get the luxury of having a helicopter at their disposal.

“ A very cool thing to do, to be able to jump out of something that's not moving at all, it’s kind of like getting into that dead end feeling. As opposed to an airplane, you're instantly hit by a bunch of wind whereas the helicopters are super quiet.”

Matt also works inside vertical wind tunnels. He has about 6,000 hours of tunnel time. Number one advantage of the wind tunnel is the safety side of things.

The maximum weight for a skydiver is 110kg. There are also age restrictions for skydiving with a minimum age of 14. However, if you are looking for something for those under that age, you can indoor skydive from three years upwards.

Three Important Things

Skydiver, Skydiving, Port Macquarie, Featured on Brilliant-Online
Skydiving/Wind Tunnel Coach

A part of the skydive community for many years, Matt says safety is the number one priority and most important thing, although number two is having fun. His number three reason for his love of the sport is the teaching side. He believes even if you have an enormous amount of skill you can always learn something new.

“You never really finish learning when skydiving, no matter how good you get there's always something new to learn,” he said “There’s always something new to try, and we keep everyone safe, the number one priority.”

Matt is a specialist free flyer. The discipline is an upside down style of flying. Called "Pre-flight", some say it is more difficult, but it’s the most popular

Your First Jump…

“I went tandem as you do for your first jump at a drop zone just like this,” Matt said. “I told the guy when I was under the parachute with him 'man, I'm gonna do this forever.' He kind of laughed at me.”

He needn’t have laughed though as Matt proceeded to obtain his licence and then had fun skydiving for two years while gaining plety of experience. He then went for a job in wind tunnels and then started to travel around and go to events instructing.


Matt Boag

Skydiving/Wind Tunnel Coach


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