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Cyber Security For Business – How Protected Are You?

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

✦ In collaboration with Integer IT and Charles Sturt University you are invited to join Business Port Macquarie to learn more about the threats of cyber security.

Integer IT Director Garry King, along with a panel of experts, will be sharing how if you are unprotected what cyber-attacks can occur and how you must protect your business against these attacks.

Did you know…

  • Global cyberattacks increased by 38% in 2022, compared to 2021. 83% of organisations had more than one data breach in 2022. 82% of all breaches involved 'the human element' (the use of stolen credentials, phishing, misuse or human error) in 2022.

  • Phishing attacks increased by 61% in 2022.

  • Email is still by far and away the most common attack vector (96% of breaches leverage phishing or malicious attachment as the first phase of an advanced, multi-staged attack).

  • According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s latest threat report, the agency received 67,500 cybercrime reports in the 2020-2021 financial year – up 13% on the previous year. That equates to one report every eight minutes.

This event is for every business, big or small.

Specifically for business owners, finance managers, IT Managers, Principles, Directors, and Office Managers...

With recent breaches of big businesses such as Optus and Medibank Private, every business is at risk of being attacked.

"Businesses in Port Macquarie have been attacked, this is an almost everyday occurrence to some degree or another," commented Garry.

Learn more about the risk and how to minimise the impact of an attack.

Dr Jason Howarth will be talking about the Charles Sturt University Cyber Check Me initiative, and Cyber Micros for a more secure future.

Cyber Check Me was an initiative (a pilot program) that was sponsored by the NSW government. It ran in 2022, offering free cyber health checks to uncover security vulnerabilities for SMEs in NSW. The NSW government is looking to expand the program in 2023.

Meet our experts:

  • Garry King – Integer IT

  • Rob Pregnell – Sophos Senior Engineer

  • Dr Jason Howarth, Course Director - School of Computing, Mathematics and Engineering – Charles Sturt University

  • Andrew Richmond – Oxley Insurance Brokers

There will also be a Q & A segment where all four presenters will be available to answer your questions right there during the event.


Ph; 0422 562 300


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