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Peta Pinson’s Business outlook for 2023

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

✦ Peta Pinson holds the important role of Port Macquarie Hastings Mayor and has had a successful career in business.

Peta is also running for the state election as the Nationals candidate. She looks at life through a commercial lens and she believes you should always look for opportunity and have a vision to create niche markets.

Invest time in your own personal growth. This will benefit your business tenfold. Peta told us, “Read books, find mentors, research the internet, look at blogs and podcasts. It is important to surround yourself with energetic, motivated people.”

Mayor Peta Pinson featured on Brilliant Online
Mayor Peta Pinson

Peta and her husband Craig have created a very successful business from scratch. She is proud of what they have achieved and is looking forward to further growth by expanding into overseas markets.

She said, “For Craig and I, we looked at how we could be niche in the marketplace we were in and we have built our business on that and have become very successful in that niche market.”

She said, “Looking back, I never imagined how far one innovative idea would take our company in such a short amount of time.”

Practise what you preach

In late 2014, the husband and wife team's road repair and maintenance company Stabilcorp, identified the need to repair and maintain deteriorating road shoulders in a rural environment in a more efficient way.

Stabilcorp as featured in Brilliant-Online.
Stabilcorp. Image from their website.

The company came up with its own road repair and widening skid steer attachment that could quickly, safely and efficiently fix dangerous narrow roads and crumbling road shoulders. The initial attachment was a little crude to look at; however, little did she know this innovation would see the company thrive.

“There hasn’t been this kind of technology before for local governments and contractors. It was initially created by us for us, and when we saw that other people were interested in it, we adapted and modified it,” said Peta.

They innovated and created a niche market

The company hasn’t been an overnight success though, it has taken and will take, years of hard work to create and keep the market, to educate councils, local government and contractors, and get them excited about the technology’s applications.

She says “The journey for Stabilcorp has been incredible, albeit rapid. The company’s transition from contractor to manufacturer happened over less than 18 months. Today the company is evolving further through some major developments.”

“We’ve taken advantage of the opportunities that have been made available to us and we’ve built on those.” Peta said.

The company continues to expand into manufacturing and builds its growing number of attachments at its own site in Wauchope on the mid north coast of New South Wales. This provides them with greater control over the design and build stages, and is creating new employment opportunities and is promoting growth in local manufacturing.

Peta says that it has been an amazing journey so far, and there are plenty more developments on the horizon. “I think 2023 is going to be a difficult time for some industries. But for others, they're going to flourish because opportunities are going to present themselves.”

Advice for Business

Any business has its challenges, especially in the past 3 years. “ If we haven't been in a pandemic, we've been in floods, bushfires and drought.” Peta said.

“From a business perspective, if there's any advice I can give business people is to surround yourself with good people that are there to support you. Because when you're in business, goodness knows you need support. Look for those opportunities in business. They're there if you look hard enough.”
Surround yourself with good people that support you | Brilliant-Online
Surround yourself with good people that support you

From little things, big things grow

When Craig first started the family business, he was a micro business, a one-man band with a bobcat, that turned into two men and two bobcats.

And now that small business has grown into an international business.

Peta told us, “You start small, and you grow and that growth takes time.”

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