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Full steam ahead in our Brilliant Birthday Cruise!

Updated: Mar 28

What a wonderful celebration with our Brilliant community of clients, businesses and readers!

Our highly anticipated cruise finally took place on 10 February and the Wood Dragon certainly brought lots of luck and joy this day, making the rain stop and bringing great company together. We had a Simply Brilliant time!

Check out our Brilliant Birthday celebrations!

There was so much to celebrate we were eager to get started. Brilliant-Online turns three plus we reached a new milestone of 1000 Brilliant Stories! We couldn't wait to share with everyone the launch of our new interactive magazine with features that are taking even a digital magazine to new heights.

Congratulations to Best Dressed Lyn Richardson and Jennifer McKenzie! | Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online
Congratulations to Best Dressed Lyn Richardson and Jennifer McKenzie!

With 10th February being Chinese New Year, we certainly did not pass up the opportunity to share in a delicious grazing table thanks to Port AdVenture Cruises, and of course we simply had to do the traditional Singapore 'yam seng'. It is THE way to toast to a new year and we were all ready to get as loud as we possibly could!

| Brilliant Online Australia Singapore UK | Brilliant Online
Veronica Lind, CEO of Brilliant-Online talked about the characteristics of the Wood Dragon and how we could inject some of these powerful dragon vibes into our businesses.

Thank you to our 70 Brilliant guests who came on board to celebrate with us!

We hope to keep welcoming returning and new businesses on board with us on our new Brilliant-Online that is ready to make businesses sparkle and shine!


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