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What does the Yang Wood Dragon bring us in 2024

Redwood Spring Chinese Medicine Clinic and Seminars shares insights into the year ahead!

Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024 | Brilliant Online

The Year of the Rabbit signified being out and about in the world – enjoying the prosperous, opening qi. As we move into 2024, the Year of the Dragon, the mystical dragon rises and recharges our qi. The dragon represents rising yang qi and fast growing life energy. This expanding qi fuels a fresh life cycle and signals a time for us to broaden our horizons.

I am honored and humbled to carry on Lillian Pearl Bridges’ tradition of writing the Chinese astrology forecast. Her memory lives on and her teachings of yin/yang, the five-elements, and the energetics of the 12 Chinese animals are contained in this prediction. I will do my best to honor her legacy. Also, for over a decade, I have had the fortune of studying under Master Zhongxian Wu, who has written several books on the subject, some with his wife, Dr. Karin Wu. Information and explanations from their books are incorporated into this prediction. I hope you find the following information helpful in navigating the upcoming year.

Warm wishes,

Director of Development for the Lotus Institute

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2024 denotes the Year of the Yang Green Dragon.

The dragon (chen) is the fifth earthly branch, and it calls us to first embody our innately powerful qi, and then use spiritual brightness to release those aspects of life that no longer serve us. Letting go of this xie (negative) qi allows our hearts to swell with enjoyment and love. The dragon gifts us with a makeover that shifts our being ‘like a revolutionary power about to change the entire world.’ (Wu and Wu 2014, p.122) This is a time to cleanse your body, mind, and spirit before a metamorphosis, and ultimately tap into your internal power and activate your consciousness. The year of the dragon symbolizes the time of growing from a teen to a young adult. As we awaken to this new stage of life, like the mystical dragon, we transform. The dragon emerges on February 4th and celebrations begin on February 10th.

Each year, Chinese cosmology consists of three aspects: one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals, one of the five-elements, and either yin or yang. These three aspects provide information about the energetics of the year and contribute to guiding a person in making life-affirming choices. This year is represented by wood setting on top of earth. To better understand the qi of the year, I will first break down the symbolism and qualities of the three aspects and then discuss how they influence various facets of life.


Dragon represents the month of April, the third month of spring, a very enchanting time in nature with all the transformations happening. It depicts the time between spring and summer in which the dragon serves as a bridge between seasons by supplying support and nourishment. The dragon also symbolizes the time 7 am to 9 am (breakfast) when we nourish our body to prepare for the day. This is a metaphor for providing the new chapter of life with sustenance. The hexagram associated with Dragon is Guai, which can be interpreted as a body of water that is overflowing, requiring prompt drainage to avert flooding, thus symbolizing the need to be mindful of your actions and decisions to contain your power. Energy is reaching a tipping point and getting ready to break out. Tune into the force and spirit of the present moment. The dragon represents making good choices for your future during a crucial time or situation, making 2024 a great time to make an important decision!

In western culture, dragons are often thought of as fire-breathing menaces that attack humans. However, they are considered auspicious in Chinese shamanism. They symbolize connection, transformation, freedom, and the universal way. Dragons are said to live in rock but can be observed in cloud formations: in the sky (sky dragons), over the water (water dragons), and hovering over the mountains (earth dragons), making them dynamic figures regarding the five-elements. Each earthly branch (12 animals of the zodiac) is associated with one of the five-elements. The dragon is primarily associated with the yang earth element. However, since it is in the eastern triad of animals (tiger, rabbit, and dragon), it also has wood nature. Also, it has a reservoir of water, making the dragon multifaceted. However, this year has less water energy than the last several years and thus fears are assuaged. The earth aspect of the dragon accentuates its connection with the digestive system which can be affected by emotionality, especially anger/frustration. These emotions relate to wood and since this is a wood dragon year there can be more irritation and aggression.


Wood relates to the color green; hence this year is the Green Dragon. The wood element represents action, accomplishment, physical activity, thunder, change, and passion. In addition to the emotions of anger and irritation, the wood emotions also can manifest as timidity and a feeling of powerlessness. If someone fails to activate their wood element of assertion and achievement, then the wood element implodes internally, rendering a person ambivalent and depressed. The Green Dragon implores us to continue the action-oriented behavior of the previous two years. This includes weighing all the possibilities and making informed, mindful decisions to avoid getting caught in a funk which can lead to arguments, self-sabotage, and in some extreme cases, self-harm. The organs associated with the wood element are the liver and gallbladder. Therefore, in addition to emotional imbalance occurring due to not following the intention of action, problems relating to the liver and gallbladder can develop. (See more about this in the “Health” section below). Fortunately, since this year is yang; it provides a significant impetus to seize the day and act.


Yang is symbolized by action, daytime, sun, male, moving forward, etc. This accentuates dragon’s wood nature (wood element is predominately yang) and sets the stage for a more active Dragon year. This year is very yang. The yang is associated with the father figure which plays the role of encouragement and instilling a belief in oneself to go out into the world confidently. Thus, the dragon (a yang animal) which is already driven to soar, has even more momentum to go forth and shine. It is about moving forward and transitioning from teen to adult.

Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024 | Brilliant Online

Like a teenager, dragons can be emotional, critical, and unhappy. They possess active imaginations which help them to navigate life. However, they change their mind often, so this year might be riddled with sea changes. The dragon represents the month of April which is the time of the Qingming festival in China. The festival celebrates the need to clear out old energy and to keep in mind where you came from by spending time in nature and at your ancestors’ graves to view your future with clarity. Observing these traditions grounds you and assists you in manifesting your path. Dragons tend to give up on things quickly when encountering resistance in their work. Thus, it is important to listen to others and consider all the options before moving forward. You might find yourself feeling unstable when working with others. This can be mitigated by engaging in grounding exercises such as forest bathing, imagining a cable extending from your spine down deeply into the earth, meditations on Mother Earth, etc. Remembering that the dragon lives in rock, it can pierce rock and other dense materials easily, meaning that it has powerful energy to change matter. Therefore, strong weather possibilities exist.


April showers bring May flowers. The weather pattern associated with dragon is Tai Yang (cold water), so prepare for lots of rain and snow this year. Flooding and erosion of soil-felling trees is likely. The wood nature of the year relates to sudden changes, meaning surprises and quick shifts in weather especially related to global warming. Last year was the hottest year on record having had some of the strongest storm events in history: Storm Daniel, Tropical Cyclone Freddy, and the wildfires in Canada to name a few.

The wood element also relates to thunder and shaking, so like last year we can expect more earthquakes. However, last year wood was under water (earthquakes in the ocean), but this year wood is over earth which relates to earthquakes on land. Due to the swiftly changing and unforeseen aspects of the weather, bolster your defensive qi by protecting your neck from cold and wind, eating some sour foods, and engaging in regular movement/exercise.

Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024 | Brilliant Online


Dragons are said to require at least 30 minutes of exercise several times per week to boost their metabolism. This is recommended for all of us this year. This could be cardiovascular workouts, yoga, qigong, or simply walking in a lush forest. Movement helps soothe the liver (wood element) which reduces irritation, quells strong emotional surges, and prevents wood from overacting on the earth. When the liver qi is constrained, the digestive system suffers. Also, the wood element can exhaust the water energy (kidneys) if a person is too active and driven. To prevent digestive and kidney issues, follow a routine regarding eating and sleeping. 2024 represents 7 am to 9 am, breakfast time, which is the ideal time to eat your substantial meal for the day. The earth nature of the dragon enhances digestion, and you can build a stronger digestive system by observing earth activities like baking, socialising, hosting a gathering, and hugging your friends and loved ones more!

Earth generates metal, so by increasing digestive efficiency you can benefit the lungs and large intestine (the organs associated with the metal element). Digestion includes the information we ingest. Be mindful of what you choose to watch or listen to, including the opinions of others. There can be a tendency to feel dependent on others resulting in a sense of insecurity due to the unexpected changes the dragon brings. Foster stability in the present moment and a playfulness with life.

Pull the metaphorical weeds out of your internal garden to allow room for your energy to flow freely and harmoniously. The wood element often focuses on the past and holds on to old hurts. Release these to create space in the body so you can soar like a dragon. This can be accomplished by doing shaking qigong. Master Zhongxian Wu teaches this type of shamanic qigong to merge with the universal qi field and release old, unwanted energy. Shaking qigong is wonderful at any time but is especially auspicious in 2024 to enhance strong, pure life energy due to the wood nature of dragon that symbolises thunder. Moving the body frees any internal blockages of qi and blood to facilitate a smooth liver. This can help prevent liver/gallbladder related health problems such as tendonitis, headaches, insomnia, eye issues, and immune system weaknesses. Eating greens also helps.

Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024 | Brilliant Online


Increase consumption of green veggies, soybeans, and black beans. Introduce more sour and fermented foods into your diet. Adding two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day to veggies or warm water facilitates healthy liver and digestive functions. For meat eaters, consider eating fish. And for those adventurous folks, try making broth from liver and bones.


Dragons are innately artistic. The professions favoured are designers, constructors, painters, musicians, engineers, and advertisers. For those in the medical profession, consider expanding your creativity when treating patients to enhance the success of your practice. Dragons tend to be financially successful if they are consistent and do what resonates with their heart, thus follow your bliss to access wealth.

Since this is a wood year, any business related to wood products, exercise, action, leadership, pioneering, and adventuring thrives. This includes herbal medicine – herbalists flourish! The dragon represents earth which highlights community and the planet. Therefore, 2024 favors large companies that promote and fight for sustainability and social consciousness. Community is accentuated this year, and we find ourselves being asked to work together. Cultivate stability when working with others to establish trust and maximise your time. This extends into world affairs and the cooperation between nations.


Due to the wood and yang aspects of the year, irritation and fighting can occur. It is crucial that all sides exercise compassion toward the other to diffuse aggression energy. This might sound fanciful but by remembering the dragon symbolises powerful transformation energy, there is hope for a major shift in the progressing polarity happening across the planet. Also, the creativity that abounds in 2024 might assist nations in devising ways to work together.

In the United States, the presidential election will take place in November, and it appears the ‘usual suspects’ will be on the ballot. The dragon favors the earth and wood elements which neither candidate strongly possesses. Another way to evaluate the outcome is to compare where each candidate lives to see who is closer to the direction represented by the dragon, which is southeast. Both candidates are from the northeastern region of the United States, however Mr. Trump resides in Florida currently. This weighs a bit in his favour but is not definitive. Kamala Harris is a wood dragon and is turning 60 this year, which is very lucky and will help President Biden’s odds. However, Biden is also a dragon and as you will read below, if you are not turning 60 you experience Chinese good/bad luck. What might strongly influence the election results are the candidates’ platforms. Those that encourage cooperation, helping others, and fighting for nature will be more in harmony with the dragon. Either way, the dragon represents drastic change that can alter the world.

Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024 | Brilliant Online


The earth aspect of the dragon emphasises community. We are called to gather as a family to feel the interconnectedness to all beings. This sense of togetherness can bring about efforts to heal the planet and promote uniting resources. The wood aspect of the year prioritises fighting for a cause, so we will see more protests in general. Hopefully, folks will band together to create positive social and environmental changes. The fighting energy unfortunately fuels the wars going on across the planet. And guns/ammunition continue to be in the forefront of peoples’ consciousness; there will be more debates and clashes over gun control. It is key to focus on grounding yourself and cultivating emptiness to avoid getting swept up in the various confrontations expected in 2024. One way to connect with earth is to wear yellow and brown fabrics – the color of the earth element.


Yellows and browns are the dragon’s colours. Expect to see more designs incorporating these, especially in loose fitting clothing like sweatpants. In addition to yellows and browns, green grounds the dragon. The colour white brings out the dragon’s strong energy and is best for public speaking. Ingenuity blossoms and there will be some significant changes in fashion – from new ways of manufacturing and distributing clothing to creating brand new designs. The earth aspect of the year favours sustainable methods and materials. Therefore, clothing companies that follow these practices will prosper.

Stock Market

The mystical transformational quality of the year will bring interesting shifts to the stock market. Expect the unexpected. Companies that honour nature and support equality of all people flourish. The growth and expansion of last year continues but there is more emphasis on community and less on hoarding. Thus, foster good listening skills and take time to evaluate all options before moving forward.

Communication / interpersonal relationships

Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024 | Brilliant Online

The dragon brings lots of passion and relationships go to the next level. Work on being very clear and purposeful with decision-making and take time to ponder before committing to a relationship. Contemplate past feelings and thoughts to navigate choices in the present moment. Also, employ grounding techniques to balance out any romantic and artistic tendencies to achieve your goals and accomplish your tasks. The earthy nature of the year brings people together and supports cohabitation. Be aware of tendencies toward irritation/anger and quell these with compassionate speech and actions. A healthy dragon provides a strong sense of presence, stability, and acceptance which produces a strong belief in oneself.


Universal qi continues to expand, and the wood nature of the year challenges our ability to stay calm and not react. This increasing momentum can go in two directions, one in favour of seeking dominance and control over others, the other in honouring all beings and supporting the greater good. The choice is yours. The powerful energy from the last few years, this year, and next year, culminate in 2026, the year of the Yang Fire Horse, which can be either explosive or a boon of creativity.

A Chinese astrology chart is comprised of four animals. Many people believe they are simply the animal based on the year they were born; this is incorrect. A person’s chart is made up of a year, month, day, and hour animal. Each animal influences a different stage of life: the year animal relates to childhood, the day animal applies to adulthood, the hour animal pertains to the later years (after age 60), and the month animal influences your overall life. The following information regarding specific animals will be most beneficial if you focus on the animal relating to your current stage of life. To determine your year, month, and hour animal refer to Master Wu’s book, The 12 Chinese Animals. For your day animal, you can schedule an astrology reading with Master Wu or consult the various Chinese astrology apps available; I do not have a recommended app.

Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024 | Brilliant Online


Dragon belongs to an auspicious triad of animals: dragon, monkey, and rat, therefore monkey and rat have extra luck this year. For those dragons turning 60 in 2024, they will also enjoy extra good luck. However, for dragons not turning 60, experiencing Chinese good-bad luck will offset the challenges of the year. Chinese good-bad luck is defined as moving to a new house or city, having a baby, travelling, beginning a new relationship, or getting married. The rooster is the dragon’s secret friend. For those animals who face challenges this year (indicated with an asterisk below) they benefit from a rooster charm. To navigate challenges, carry or wear a rooster charm. This charm can be an amulet, a small stone carving, a miniature wood statue, or for those who live with rooster(s), simply spend more time with your beloved animal(s). Anyone can utilize a rooster charm to boost their luck.

Individual Animal Forecasts for 2024


This is a lucky year for you! You will feel a lift in your vitality and an increase of support for your ventures. Your heart undergoes an expansion and your creativity leaps to a higher level. The wood nature of the year manages your abundant water and serves to control your intuition, so you stay grounded in your decisions. If you are in a relationship, you will feel a boost in passion and if you are single, a relationship manifests itself this year – get ready for love!


Your earth nature benefits from the earthy dragon, and you will feel extra stability in 2024. There might be times where you ruminate on a decision so utilize the action energy of the year to act and move forward. You will find yourself needing to work with people. Take care to be flexible. Seek out a rat or pig person to help advance your business. Lean on your spiritual aptitude and gentle nature to steadily accomplish your goals which lead to great luck in 2025!


Your vitality and optimism enable you to achieve success in 2024. Be open and listen to others’ opinions and you will be supported in your efforts to work with the group and thrive in business. Your attractiveness is highlighted, and you will experience more love and passion this year. Anger can arise so cultivate breathing techniques to promote relaxation and peace within. Utilize gentle and humble communication in all interactions to enjoy new powerful life energy of 2024.


This year can bring some challenges and it is important for you to focus on your caring nature toward the human family. 2024 is a powerful year filled with lots of expanding energy which can cause you to feel overwhelmed at times and outside your comfort zone. Your cautious nature will be tested, and you will do well to focus on your inherited wisdom to navigate the various decisions presented this year.


A good luck year for those turning 60. Otherwise, you might face challenges with stability and changing your mind frequently since 2024 is known in Chinese culture as a good-bad luck year for dragon (see above for explanation). All the powerful momentum of the year asks you to accomplish your goals and you might feel a tendency to give up. Activate your creativity and wonderful imagination to move forward and achieve. Be intentional and you will thrive.


The wood nature of 2024 continues to fuel your warm, fiery, and enthusiastic qualities which benefit your interactions with others. Your foresight and careful nature enable you to navigate the forceful energy encountered this year to act with impeccable timing. Next year is a snake year. In 2024, learn to stand in your power and reveal your strength so you can fully shine in 2025!


Your fire nature serves as a bridge for the year. 2024, being mostly a wood and earth year, benefits from your fire nature since wood generates fire and fire generates earth. You are known for your camaraderie, and you inspire others to stay with projects and complete their tasks. Take care to manage your tendency towards irritation and unrest by channeling your energy into your friendly, compassionate nature. Communicate from the heart.


The earth aspect of 2024 accentuates your stable nature which allows you to bring peace to your friends and family. Your stubbornness can be triggered so lean on your grace and charm. Focus on committing to a few major projects and follow through to completion. Practice breathing techniques and connect to the earth to remain adaptive to unexpected situations. Your endurance will be tested, and your steadfastness will be rewarded in winter.


You enjoy good luck this year! Capitalize on this by adopting a leadership position and remember to nurture your humility to harmonize with others. This year is very active. Take care to cultivate your patience and take your time with decisions and actions. You will be called upon to teach others and share your wisdom about your field of work. Remain flexible and attentive to reap all your great luck continuing in 2025!


All your hard work in 2023 is rewarded this year with good luck since you are dragon’s secret friend. Your elegance and faithful nature are celebrated which propels you to achieve your goals. A promotion in management is likely and take care to utilize mindful speech with co-workers. Rely on your ability to foresee the future. 2024 is full of surprises, so remain flexible and radiate charm to navigate these exciting times and prepare for more great luck next year!


You might find yourself challenged to let go of old patterns that you hold near and dear to your heart even though they do not serve you well. Tap into your courageous nature and release these old ways to brighten your future. Aggressive or fight energy might spontaneously arise so cultivate your stability by doing deep breathing and/or grounding exercises. Maintain your daily exercise to avoid digestive, heart, or lung issues. 2024 asks you to step up your healthy routines.


2024 asks you to mature by nurturing your endurance and patience. There has been a tendency for you to dash your projects in the past and feel insecure about your abilities. Check your anger and evolve into the brilliant, joyful leader you are. You possess great talent in helping others and pursuing this will bring you great wealth. Capitalize on the earth nature of the year to manifest your efforts on the physical plane and share your abundant knowledge.

*Carry a rooster charm to help bring good luck for the year: Dragon (unless turning 60), rabbit, and dog, will benefit from carrying/wearing a charm. Rat, monkey, and rooster do not need to carry a charm.

Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024 | Brilliant Online

For those seeking advanced information

In addition to the three aspects of 2024 – Yang Wood Dragon – we can delve deeper and gain insights from the earthly branches. Each Chinese animal is associated with an earthly branch which represents an organ, an acupuncture channel, and a weather pattern. Dragon is associated with the stomach organ, the stomach channel, and the tai yang (cold water) weather pattern.

Stomach organ

The stomach receives and ferments food to be sent to the spleen for processing and distribution. Strong emotions, especially irritation and anger, overact on the stomach and deplete its energy which can result in acid reflux, low appetite, stomach aches, gastroparesis (slow digestion), etc. Take care to manage your emotions and follow healthy eating practices such as observing regular mealtimes, chewing food 40 times per bite, not eating late in the evening, eating warm cooked foods, drinking room temperature water, and avoiding digital screens when eating.

Stomach channel

In addition to the stomach organ function, the channel is also affected this year. The stomach channel traverses the face and there is a higher likelihood of facial pain/paralysis this year. The wood element brings wind, and the cold water of the year brings cold. Therefore, wind cold can invade the body, especially the stomach channel. This could cause Bell’s Palsy, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and other conditions that affect the face. The stomach channel also travels along the lateral part of the hip, leg, and knee. Wind cold could also disturb this part of the body, causing pain and weakness. Be mindful of stretching and keeping your limbs warm.

The stomach belongs to the earth element. Fire generates earth and earth generates metal in the five-element generation cycle. Stoking the fire benefits the stomach. This means having fun and enjoying the moment; refrain from stoking the fire too much with spicy foods and alcohol. The metal element is the child of earth so to strengthen the mother, work with the lungs and large intestine (the organs associated with metal). This assists the stomach such as the descending function preventing reflux. Supporting the metal organs improves the stomach’s efficiency, including the qi flow along the channel. The metal element oversees releasing these old ways and by discarding them, your ability to receive the powerful qi of the year increases.

Tai Yang

The weather pattern of the year is major yang cold water. Expect heavy snow, freezing rain, and flooding, especially in late spring, autumn, and winter (the northern locales will likely experience snowmageddon). This coupled with the wood energy of the year (wind) will create lots of wind cold which can cause arthritis and general musculoskeletal pains. Protect your joints from the wind cold and use heat to warm the tissues. Getting moderate exercise to move your qi will also prevent pain. Also enhance your stability by imagining being a tree standing firmly, rooted in healthy soil.

Yang Wood Dragon Forecast 2024 | Brilliant Online


Thank you to the wonderful Lillian Pearl Bridges for all her amazing teaching and her generosity in sharing her wisdom. Her spirit lives on!

Thank you to Master Zhongxian Wu and his lineages for all the insightful knowledge to understand and navigate the universal qi.

Thanks to Rick Breen for his great editing.

Disclaimer: All the information in this prediction is based on the ancient Chinese wisdom traditions and is intended for entertainment purposes only. There is no express or implied guarantee of results from using this information, and individual users are solely responsible for their own interpretation or application to their own circumstances. Further, the information is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for legal, medical, or psychological advice, evaluation and/or treatment. You are welcome to share this post, but please share in its entirety and refer to the source.

©CT Holman: President of Redwood Spring PC and Director of Development for Lotus Institute

Article courtesy of CT Holman, President of Redwood Spring Chinese Medicine Clinic and Seminars and Director of Development for Lotus Institute and the TCM Academy.


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