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Cheerleader Loghan Sculthorpe is ready to dazzle the world at the Cheerleading World Championships in USA!

Updated: Feb 5

✦ Port Macquarie should be very proud of 13-year-old Loghan Sculthorpe who has been selected to represent Australia at the prestigious Cheerleading World Championships in Orlando, Florida, USA!

Australian Team is going to the World Cheerleading Championships | Brilliant Online

World Cheerleading Championships

Since 2009, the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Florida has been the host venue for the World Cheerleading Championships. This highly esteemed event is considered the pinnacle of competitive cheerleading worldwide. With participation from up to 117 countries across various divisions, teams from around the globe compete fiercely for the coveted gold medal and the esteemed title of World Champions.

This is the first time Australia will be sending its National Allstar Cheerleading team to compete in the Youth and Junior Cheerleading Worlds division. This is a testament to the remarkable talent and growth of the sport in the country. The decision to send a national team is also influenced by the unprecedented success of the Australian Opens teams at the Cheerleading Worlds in 2023. The Australian Opens teams won a gold medal in the All Girl division and a silver medal in the Coed division.

Doing Australia Proud!

After a rigorous national selection process, which included submitting skills videos and participating in live auditions alongside athletes from New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia, thirty remarkable individuals have earned their spot on the national team.

These dedicated athletes are now training under the guidance of their national coaches, preparing themselves for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their skills on the world stage.

The International Cheerleading Union governs the sport in 119 countries, all of which have the right to enter a team into the Allstar Worlds competition. The international competition is expected to be fierce. However, the Australian team is comprised of tough and dedicated children who are determined to bring home a medal. Each member of the team has their eyes set on the prize and is eager to represent their country on the global stage.

Billy Elliot of the cheerleading world

Loghan Sculthorpe went through a challenging try-out process to secure his spot on the Youth Median (CoEd) team. His journey into cheerleading was unexpected. Initially, he accompanied his twin sister, Serenity, to her cheer competitions in 2019. However, the energy, intense competition, and the camaraderie among the cheerleaders captivated Loghan, and he instantly fell in love with the sport.

In 2020, Loghan decided to try out for cheerleading himself, and since then, he has been wholeheartedly committed to his sport. Over the past four years, he has transformed from a kid who struggled with cartwheels to a confident athlete. He takes pride in his hard work, dedication, and his ability to make friends easily. Since 2022, Loghan has been a proud member of the Gymaroo Allstars cheerleading program at PCYC Taree, where he also participates in the advanced power tumbling class. Additionally, he has been involved in the Acro and Theatrical performance troupes at Coastal Dance Performing Arts in Port Macquarie.

Loghan's amazing achievements over the years - truly the Billy Elliot of the cheerleading world, Loghan is raising the bar in cheerleading with his dedication to the sport.

"He has consistently demonstrated remarkable determination and progress in all aspects of cheerleading. His commitment to improvement is not only admirable but also inspiring to the entire team. What truly sets Loghan apart is his bright and bubbly personality. He not only uplifts the spirits of those around him but also actively contributes to a positive team dynamic. Loghan goes above and beyond by willingly assisting teammates both on the floor and off. Loghan is constantly stepping out of his comfort zone in order to break the stigma around male cheerleaders, fostering an inclusive environment for everyone on the team." - Loghan's coach Hannah Burley, Gymaroo Allstars

Arduous training

Loghan has started a rigorous training program for his team. Each week, he has individual activities that focus on strength, conditioning, and technique. He also has to attend three training camps between Newcastle and Melbourne. These camps are the only times the entire team will train together before they fly to Orlando, Florida to compete in April.

From training...

To performing!

Getting a leg up from community

This incredible opportunity comes with a cost of over $5000 per athlete, covering expenses such as flights, accommodation, transfers, and entry fees. This amount does not include additional expenses like interstate training weekends, uniforms, and training gear.

The athletes and their families are responsible for funding this opportunity themselves. They rely on fundraising efforts and the generosity of the local community in the Mid North Coast to help make their dreams come true.

Support Loghan at Cheerleading World Championships | Brilliant Online

We are so proud of Loghan Sculthorpe who dares to take his dreams to new heights. We can't wait to see him dazzle and shine on the cheerleading floor!

Support Loghan here.


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