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Veronica Lind is Cracking the Code into the Future

Updated: Jan 20

✦ This year's International Women's Day on 8th March 2023 is about Cracking the Code: Innovation for a Gender Equal Future.

Our CEO Veronica Lind is leading the way in Modern Marketing!

Veronica knew that the Future of Marketing is where sales, marketing and communications come together to apply technology, mathematics, science, creativity and psychology into an ecosystem that empowers customers to move to their next buying stage FASTER than they would on their own.

Under her marketing agency, Vermilion Pinstripes, Veronica trademarked her Modern Marketing Framework™️ (MMF) in 2020 that incorporates the entire ecosystem of Modern Marketing to empower customers to build business confidence and thrive. MMF was the first of its kind to be trademarked by the Australian government's intellectual property agency, IP Australia.

Mathematics in Marketing for Data Backed Decisions

Performance Analysis

Marketing helps run a business. A business has to make money in order to exist. That requires a lot of maths. And Maths is used in marketing to quantify the productivity and efficiency of investment.

Predictive Relationship Marketing

Veronica was said to have invented Predictive Relationship Marketing where analysis assesses the current economic and market conditions and provides a framework for identifying short and long term probable candidates within an identified growing industry to widen and deepen relationships.

Technology in Marketing for Specific Targeting

Digital Marketing is a norm. However, when technology is used effectively in marketing, then companies can serve the right content to the right user at the right time. Imagine accurate targeting, the happiest user experience, agility in adoption and speed to market aligning product and business development, sales and communications.

That's what Modern Marketing Framework™️ (MMF) can achieve!

Veronica shares her eBook to Make Good Business Better: 5 Tips for Small Businesses Plan for a Brilliant New Year

Technology that made Harry Potter's Daily Prophet Newspaper Real

Yes, magic can and does exist, if you believe in it enough to make it happen! Brilliant-Online Magazine is an interactive magazine where visuals and audio come alive. Call-to-action interactive links allow users to go straight to the advertisers' website to take further action on their products or services.

Brilliant-Online is the first single all-in-one advertorial platform that boosts multichannel and omni-channel advertising, delivering better brand ROI.

Technology is very much about numbers and seeing them at work. And because ads are trackable on Brilliant-Online, clients can see if something is working well or not.

Results speak for themselves. For example, Samso's section on Coffee with Samso was viewed about 200 times on average on their own. But with Brilliant-Online's interactive advertising as a trampoline, each video has gotten a mega boost, hitting up to 18,000 views. Another client, Port AdVenture Cruises saw their online visibility rocket 10-fold with a minimum of 95 booking clicks each month.

Veronica has lived and breathed technology throughout her professional career. This year's IWD 2023 theme of Cracking the Code is one that is close to her heart, and she believes anyone can harness the power of innovation and technology to take their businesses further.

Check out Veronica's free resources here for small businesses to really dream big.

Free marketing resources and tools from Vermilion Pinstripes

For more Brilliant Stories about women who have made a difference in their careers and leading the way for others to thrive, check out these blogs!

Equality is possible, and we are already taking steps towards it. We hope these stories can be a brilliant inspiration to everyone. Are you ready to Crack some Codes?

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