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Brilliant-Online roars into 2022

Updated: Jan 19

✦ Welcome to the first edition of Brilliant-online for 2022, roaring in a number of celebrations

Firstly, let me wish all our readers, customers and contributors a very happy belated New Year. A New Year, A New You was written last month to ring in 2022. During this time, most people make New Year resolutions and our article gave tips on goal settings.

Secondly, we welcome the year of the Water Tiger roaring into the year ahead with confidence and some believe it is a time to take bold actions. We believe that a new year presents new opportunities. Let us roar into the new year to make magic happen, create ideas and turn these ideas into reality. Let's make 2022 a year of possibilities.

Thirdly, it is Brilliant-Online's first birthday. With the number of COVID-19 cases rising sharply, we are concerned about the health of our community. So we have decided to postpone our Brilliant First Birthday Face to Face Celebrations.

At Brilliant-Online, we have learnt through the pandemic that adaptation, creativity and community have been vital in helping many businesses survive and even thrive through challenging times. Over the past year, Brilliant-Online has become the platform for businesses to share their stories. Stories that make them famous. As of today, we have published 333 stories ranging from topics about businesses, people, communities, investments, homes and gardens, travel, sports and arts and entertainment. Our stories have now attracted almost 19,000 subscribers.

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Our appreciation and gratitude towards the businesses and communities who have stood by us continues, and we are still delighted to give away one FREE 1/4 page Ad as a way to say thank you for your support!

✺ To get your FREE 1/4 page ad to be published on any month of our Brilliant-Online Magazine, all you have to do is send a congratulatory VIDEO message to us before 10th February 2022. Yes! It's that brilliantly simple!

✺ You can email or wetransfer or send us the video via Dropbox.

✺ If you have any questions relating to Brilliant-Online advertising, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Lastly, Brilliant-Online wishes you Happy Australia Day on 26th January 2022. Our very own Chrissy Jones shares why the occasion is so special for her, plus we have a recipe on the perfect Lamington and the lowdown of Aussie slang with our comprehensive Aussie Lingo 101 guide!

Enjoy Brilliant-Online January 2022 stories


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