Aurumin Limited (ASX:AUN) - a Gold Miner with a Straightforward Strategy

Updated: Apr 13

✦ Brad Valiukas, Managing Director of Aurumin Limited (ASX:AUN) talks about the company's straightforward mining strategy

Aurumin Limited (ASX:AUN) has two very interesting projects in the Southern Cross Goldfields.

This is a region that has a history of producing high-grade resources. You can find these two projects listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) .

What is noteworthy is the company's acquisition of 750,000 ounces of gold.

This is a clear indication of the company's intent. And for Noel Ong, CEO of Samso, a company's intent is vital in how far they go. He had a feeling that Aurumin Limited was a company that was very focused on their mining strategy. And he was absolutely spot-on. The company's move has confirmed his thoughts.

The company's initial Mt Dimer and Mt Palmer and Johnson Range are initial cornerstone projects. However, this acquisition changes things and now the Sandstone project is a step up.

When Noel looks at a company's story, it is very common to see companies use their mining strategy as a lead for a story. This is all very well, except that few companies pull through and actually have the intent to make this story a reality.

The mining strategy itself is not rocket science. It is fairly straightforward and clear.

First, you look for historical mining projects that have potential for growth. You acquire it, and then you get down to business and drill. The natural next step is to then develop the project.

One of the key aspects of Aurumin's project is the 500,000 ounces of gold resources which is untouched and underground.

For Noel, this is a highly positive fact that is advantageous and warrants paying attention to. There is a lot of work to do, so the stamina of a long-distance runner is needed here. There's no quick-fix five-second microwave style result here. Mr. Valiukas' conversation with Noel also reveals more surprises in the making.

Tune in to the highlights of a gold miner's strategy here.


00:00 Start

00:25 Introduction

00:55 Brad discuss Sandstone acquisition

01:40 The prospectivity of the Sandstone and how Aurumin pitches the story now.

03:15 How do the older projects work alongside the new project?

04:53 Key projects of Sandstone.

07:06 Is there a Mill story?

09:03 Neighbours are finding new gold, is this positive for Aurumin?

11:01 How do you explain the low grade story to investors?

13:17 Making the ounces work.

14:40 Underground is a new play - Renovation is not always a good thing.

15:08 What are Brad's thoughts on the potential?

16:05 The ore is recoverable.

16:39 Does the market like this gold space?

18:59 Interest for transaction.

19:53 What are the news coming up?

20:48 What is happening in the other projects?

22:31 Are your other projects a preview to what will come with Sandstone?

23:33 Satellite projects will make the Mill story work.

24:34 A communal Mill will work for all players.

25:52 Conclusion