Updated: Jan 14

✦ Australians are generally an easy-going bunch, and this is often reflected in how they speak. Having a reputation for shortening 90% of words used, Aussies have unintentionally created their own Aussie Lingo.

If you want to join in, just remove the last few letters of a word and replace it with a vowel sound (-a, -ie/y, -o). Some classic examples: Avocado = Avo; Kangaroo = Roo; Mosquito = Mozzie.

But there is another string to the Aussie lingo bow which features weird and wacky Australian slang words and phrases that are not so easy to understand. So, if you don’t know your cark it from your cactus or your goon from your grundies, scroll down for a quick Australian Slang 101.


A Cold One / Coldie – Beer

Avo – Avocado

Barbie – Barbecue (because we’ve all heard, ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie‘, thanks to Hoges The Paul Hogen story!)

Billy – Teapot (In the Outback on the fire)

Booze Bus – Police vehicle used to catch drunk drivers

Bottle-O – Bottle Shop or Liquor Store – basically a place to buy alcohol that isn’t a hospitality venue.

Brekky – Breakfast

Bring a Plate – instructions to bring a plate of food to contribute to a BBQ or party/event.

BYO – bring your own (usually in the context grog)

Cab Sav – Cabernet Sauvignon. Never has wine sounded so refined.

Choccy Biccy – Chocolate Biscuit

Bickie, Biccy, Bikky
Bickie, Biccy, Bikky

Docket – Bill, receipt; or list of items to be dealt with.

Esky – Also known as a Cool Box, Ice Box, Chest Cooler, Chilly Bin.

Fairy Floss – Candy Floss, Cotton Candy

Flake – Gummy shark flesh sold in fish and chip shops

Frothy – Beer

Grog – Liquor, Beer

Icy Pole – Popsicle

Lollies – Sweets

Maccas – McDonalds