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Bernie Ginnane helps clients find clarity and insights to a better life

Updated: Mar 12

Bernie Ginnane: Counsellor, Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Guide, Sound Energy and Reiki Healer, Numerologist, Meditation Facilitator and Shamanic Practitioner

Brilliant readers know Bernie Ginnane well, and have experienced her gentle healing energy for mothers to maintain positive mental health, for leaders to learn about mindful leadership, mental health tools to use in the workplace, and she 100% advocates for everyone to be their own Superhero. Bernie shares with us what she has been doing to help clients achieve a turnaround at challenging points in their lives.

Bernie Ginnane walks between two worlds - everyday life and spiritual world to intuitively help others become more confident with moving forward | Brilliant Magazine Port Macquarie
Bernie Ginnane walks between two worlds - everyday life and spiritual world to intuitively help others become more confident with moving forward | Photo by Skye Davis


Over many years I have gathered the knowledge and experience to confidently offer a range of healing modalities for clients, whether online or face-to-face.

In each session, my intuitive abilities lead the way to help me find clarity and insights for the client.

Every session is unique in its own way, as the session meets the client where they are and what best meets their needs and stage in life.

Some clients ask for counselling e.g. assisting them with shifting their mindset or perspective around a situation, or helping them manage grief or feelings of self-doubt. Others choose to close their session with gentle sound energy and reiki healing whether for deep relaxation and/or intuitive insights. 

Other clients might be more ready for a deeper dive into what’s hidden, into the root causes of patterns, into past lives and karmic contracts with others or connecting with their spirit guides. In these sessions I offer a numerology reading, intuitive guidance and energy healing.


I offer Online sessions via Zoom most days and have clients far and wide, both within Australia and internationally, including New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, and Bali.  I am often still amazed at how powerful an online session can be, but we are all energy and in the spiritual realm, there are no boundaries or borders or time or distance restraints. Where spirit wishes to flow and communicate and connect, spirit will do so.

For one-on-one sessions I am available on Tuesdays and Saturdays at The Wellbeing Centre, 7 Garden Crescent, Port Macquarie.


There are many reasons why a client might reach out to me. From the very practical reason to gain insight, tips and tools to help them move forward through a challenging time, or to create and maintain a more positive and personalised self-care plan that often includes a spiritual aspect such as a meditation practice or art therapy. 

Many clients work with me so that they are better able to connect more with their spiritual self, their spirit guides, and to gain insight regarding past lives and karmic contracts.

For some it is to have a safe space for them to ‘find their voice’, and be able to express long-held emotions, fears and insecurities and in the ‘sharing’ they feel heard and validated, which often leads to great healing, in particular an improved sense of self-worth and self-belief, which is self-empowerment.

A client may also like help navigating through the emotional rollercoaster ride of the end of a relationship, or experiencing major life changes such as retirement or changing careers or processing trauma. 

For many clients who feel somewhat stuck in life, I assist them in finding a way to move more confidently forward, with compassion and non-judgement of self. 

Try Bernie's 5-minute Feel Good Meditation


  • Online Masterclasses

  • A Monthly Group Zoom catchup with varying themes

  • A Monthly Newsletter

  • An Online 30-Day Re-Set Challenge

  • An Online 8-Week Spiritual Bootcamp 

  • An Online 5-Week ‘Deep Intuitive Healing Package’, consisting of 5 sessions between myself and the client and incorporates many of my healing modalities, distant healing, worksheets and journal prompts.

  • Over 100 of my free meditations are available on my YouTube Channel.

Group Sessions

I also offer Group Sessions for private and corporate workshops, particularly working on: creating connection, breaking through obstacles, empowerment and team building.   


Free Group Zoom Session Saturday 30th March 3.30pm – 4pm

Rest, Release & Recharge.

Click here to join on the day.

And always available is a Free 10-minute Discovery Call for new clients to find out how I can assist them and whether they would like to work with me.  

Contact me if you are interested to arrange a Discovery Call. 


It is definitely a passion for me. I really enjoy helping to initiate positive breakthroughs and shifts for my clients to support and guide them to feel more confident to manage the challenges of life, to be able to trust their inner guidance, and to make choices that are for their highest and best.

What I do matters immensely to me. And I am comfortable walking between the two worlds - the practical everyday life world, and the incredibly vast energetic and spiritual world.

“Thank you Bernie for your guidance. You have restored my inner peace and my faith in myself.” - Leanne M. Mid North Coast NSW




A self-paced online course that walks you through gentle practices, reminders, journal prompts and recorded meditations to help clients Pause, Relax, Reflect, Release and Re-Charge. It is especially beneficial if feeling stressed or in need of self-care for the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self.


A self-paced journey of small, daily, easy-to-do tasks and reminders that help the client stay committed to creating and maintaining a more positive mindset and a healthy self-care routine or specific goal.

This course can be personalised for the client and their priorities and goals and is especially focused on the client being able to adjust and return to a calmer more confident person.


A self-paced 4-week journey helping to create long lasting positive changes for the mind, body and soul.

‘I really enjoyed this journey, especially the daily prompts and simple meditations, which helped me to be disciplined to take action and create a self-care plan for myself that works!’ - GS Mid North Coast 


BECOMING YOUR MOST AUTHENTIC SELF - 30 DAY COURSE. Watch this space for more! ❋

Contact Bernie Ginnane

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Connect with Bernie on WhatsApp 0491 015 566

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