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How to be your own Superhero

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

✦ Championing the best of those in their respective fields

All Super Heroes in their respective fields

Who are the Super Heroes in our communities? There Are Many! Some are visibly present such as front-line workers and those in the medical fields and teachers.

But there are also those not so seen or acknowledged at times, such as disability support workers, carers, care givers, grandparents, single parents and parents in general juggling the demands of everyday living as they support and nurture their families.

Recently I facilitated a Mindfulness Meditation session for two groups of Carers to help them learn tools and simple practices for managing the challenges in their often, demanding roles. Some of the carers were young, some were older, many were caring for another on their own.

All of these carers are Super Heroes of their own stories.

And another group session I facilitated was for the Super Heroes in schools - the teachers.

Bernie Ginnane, the Willow Room helps initiate and facilitate positive long-lasting transformation for her clients | Brilliant-Online

I have a Super Hero neighbour, a friendly, thoughtful elderly man who, no matter the weather, greets the day with a friendly face and is always politely thoughtful of others and genuinely checks in with those in his neighbourhood, to see if they are okay.

Often, I have Super Heroes walk through my door seeking counselling, life coaching, guidance for managing stress, anxiety and loss. Some are in need of sound healing and meditation tools. Many are going through challenges and life changes, often while they continue to work or are engaged in volunteer services, whilst caring for others and holding families together.

What is a Super Hero?

A Super Hero is someone that is of service to others, and puts in effort and commitment to make a positive difference in the life of another.

But to be the best Super Hero for others, it starts with yourself. It starts with putting that effort and commitment into you, so that you can be a better Super Hero for others.

The Super Hero starts with You!

Ways to be your own Super Hero

  1. Take Responsibility for Your Life.

  2. Have Integrity – Be Honest and Reliable.

  3. Be Self-Aware – Pause - Take a Breath - Think before You Act.

  4. Forgive Yourself - Make Peace with Your Past.

  5. Live in the Present Moment - rather than your past or the future.

  6. Practice Gratitude - start with the small and go from there - every day.

  7. Be Your Own Best Friend - Be Kind and Compassionate to Yourself.

  8. Set Achievable Goals, Get Motivated and Take Action.

  9. Shift your Mindset – from negative to positive.

  10. Set Healthy Boundaries.

  11. Practice Positive Self-Talk

  12. Believe in Yourself.

  13. Think before you Act. Pause, Take a Breath.

How to be your own Superhero | Bernie Ginnane | Brilliant-Online

Be your own Super Hero!

* It might be implementing a simple and achievable Positive and Personalised Mindset Plan to help you shift from the negative to the positive.

* It might be learning simple but very effective Mindfulness and Meditation tips and practices to help you live more in the present moment, to be self-aware and to be able to regulate your emotions.

* It might be to work on any blockages that might prevent you from putting in place, and maintaining, healthy boundaries.

* It might be helping you to identify blockages and to shift your focus to your core values and strengths.

Know that you have the power to change yourself and your life so that you can be your own Superhero.

Discover your Super Powers

Book your Free 20-Minute Discovery Call with Bernie to uncover what's holding you back and explore how her services can empower your journey to self-confidence.

Book a free 20-minute discovery call with Bernie Ginnane | Brilliant-Online
Book a free 20-minute discovery call with Bernie Ginnane

Free meditations and tips on Mindfulness, here for an array of Meditations


Bernie Ginnane Qualified Counsellor, Qualified Spiritual Life Coach & Stress Management Life Coach, Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Guide.

Bernie offers one-on-one sessions, couple’s sessions and group sessions in her local area, as well as sessions via Zoom, both within Australia and internationally.

m/ +61 491 015 566


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