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Mental Health Tools to thrive in the ever evolving workplace

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

✦ "To manage the challenges and thrive in the ever-evolving workplace, one needs to make their mental health a priority, whether they work from home or in an office with others."

- Bernie Ginnane, Life Coach

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace is a big focus this year as part of Work, Health and Safety, basically because more people are working off-site away from colleagues. I am consistently contacted by clients wanting tools to not only better manage their ever-evolving workplace, but to thrive within it.

And in doing so, also using these tools to better thrive in their personal life instead of just surviving.

My services draw upon my background in the corporate world, as well as my qualified knowledge and experience as a Counsellor, Life Coach and Meditation Facilitator, as well as my heightened intuitive ability.

I assist clients to identify blockages, shift mindsets and learn coping tools that are relevant, user-friendly and sustainable for them. Together we create a plan that helps them not only manage their challenges but creates positive long-lasting change in their work and personal lives.

Sharing tools with my clients that help them to be self-aware, to adjust and adapt when needed, to help them stay grounded, disciplined, focused and positive in the workplace regardless of the changes they face, is what I do.

Working from home definitely has its benefits, but may not suit all personalities and so may be more challenging for some. There are factors to be mindful of for example; feeling isolated, getting distracted with social media, the television, household chores or chatting to a neighbour.

And working in an office with others definitely can have benefits as well, but can also bring challenges.

So how does one best manage the ever-evolving workplace?

By being self-aware, knowing your strengths and understanding your weaknesses, having the ability to adjust and be disciplined, maintaining healthy boundaries and definitely having a positive mindset!

Top 10 Tools for Maintaining a Healthy Mindset in the Ever-Evolving Workplace

1. BE SELF-AWARE AND CHECK-IN WITH YOURSELF OFTEN Daily is a must, but hourly is best, or when you are feeling stressed. Check-in with yourself regularly and choose to adjust as needed.


Taking time out is giving you the awesome opportunity to RE-SET - RE-CHARGE – RE-FOCUS – RE-GROUP!

Even just taking 5 minutes to make a tea, go for a short walk, hopefully outside in nature, or to do some stretching can help to release tension and stress.

2. START YOUR DAY WELL Check your first thoughts for the day. Are they positive or negative? Are you setting yourself up to succeed or to fail? CHOOSE THE POSITIVE!

3. MAKE YOURSELF YOUR PRIORITY In all of the doing in the workplace, make sure to not forget about YOU! Fuel your body well and stay hydrated. YOU MATTER!

4. START EACH DAY WITH AN ACHIEVABLE TO-DO-LIST Make a list, write it down. Stick to it. Get it Done. Tick it off. Then take a break to reward yourself. MAKE A LIST!

5. WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS Check yourself for any negativity and when noticed, choose to adjust to a more positive mindset. Maybe reframe your situation, telling it from a more positive standpoint. FIND THE POSITIVE!

6. AFFIRM THE POSITIVE IN YOU! This will help to motivate and encourage you, and boost your confidence in yourself. I Can Do This! I am confident in my abilities. I am focused and disciplined. And Believe It! BE YOUR OWN CHEERSQUAD & BELIEVE IT!

7. MAKE DISCIPLINE YOUR FRIEND Being disciplined is so important to maintain focus and stay on track. Discipline is having the commitment to do what is necessary, without allowing distractions, self-doubt, procrastination, to get in the way. DISCIPLINE AND I ARE BEST FRIENDS!

8. FOCUS ON ONE TASK Choose to detach from distractions while you are on task. Allowing distractions to take you away from your task may end up causing stress, lack of focus and lower productivity.

Set a timer as you work on one task. Maybe start with 10 minutes.

Also, it can be very helpful to have boundaries and to set clear times for when colleagues or family can approach you. Maybe put a sign on your door or at your work station, letting others know that you are busy. DETACHMENT IS A GOOD THING!

9. CLEAN UP CLUTTER IN YOUR WORKSPACE This tool can really help you to not get distracted by the ‘stuff’ around you. A CLEAR AND ORGANISED WORKSPACE HELPS TO MAINTAIN A CLEAR AND ORGANISED HEADSPACE.

10. REMEMBER TO MAKE TIME FOR Enough sleep. Family. Exercise. Play/Creativity. Walking your dog. AND ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS FOR THE DAY!

Bernie’s Meditations, The 5 Minute Reset

Sessions are available online via Zoom, as well as 1:1 sessions at The Willow Room, Wauchope NSW. And a 6 Week Program is also available.

Contact for a Free 30 Minute Breakthrough call:

Bernie Ginnane

The Willow Room

m. 0491 015 566


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