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A Micro-Business Rooted in Sustainability

A Sustainable Blue Heaven

It’s an ecological blue heaven for Australia’s boutique My Blue Tea online store, supplying the world with unique superfoods rooted in sustainable farming practices that bring real benefits to farmers and their communities.

The store’s heavenly remedies such as Blue Butterfly Pea Powder and Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea - conjured up from the age-old magic of Butterfly Blue Pea flowers (scientifically known as Clitoria Ternatea) – are rightly renowned as powerful steps on the ancient ayurvedic path to health and overall wellness.

This deep philosophy of healthfulness also embraces the farming communities across the Australasian tropical belt that cultivate its flowers, where My Blue Tea works closely to implement sustainable practices to ensure year-round supplies for its superfoods.

It’s a practice of sustainable community agriculture that encourages bringing the indigenous Blue Butterfly back from the brink of extinction.

These plantations are free of pesticides and chemicals, and by working alongside farmers My Blue Tea has helped develop natural ways of growing and intercropping for better and more sustainable yields.

All this ensures the farmers and their communities have steady incomes and produce top-quality crops to maintain the high quality of My Blue Tea’s superfoods.

The entire process is neatly expressed in My Blue Tea’s Farm to Consumer and Soil to Plate initiatives that encourage buyers of its products to explore all the ethical practices inherent in the agriculture and production processes.

Its Blue Tea is harvested daily to provide fresh Blue Butterfly flowers that undergo an evolutionary freeze-dry process to give the strongest natural concentration while keeping the flowers’ cellular and molecular structures intact for a high level of bioactivity.

And aqueous ozone antimicrobial treatment reduces plate counts and kills microbes without damaging the healthy ingredients.

The ecological benefits extend to My Blue Tea’s customers too – because infusing and drinking the tea means consuming all of the edible flowers, with zero waste generated.

To find out more about My Blue Tea, its products and much more, visit:


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