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The Wellness Collective - WINNER - Excellence in Health and Wellbeing

✦ 2022 Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards

The Wellness Collective is located in the historic Jacaranda House in Wauchope, where all practitioners have a passion to create a safe and nurturing space for the community.

Offering health and wellness, yoga and movement qualified practitioners bring you selfcare, health, lifestyle and wellbeing therapies to help you live mindfully with vibrant health and connected to your intentions. They are low-tox, low-impact, sustainable, organic and handmade.

WINNER - Excellence in Health and Wellbeing as featured in Brilliant-Online
Photo: Meraki Photography. Tim Walker Hastings Co-operative and Natalie Deeks from The Wellness Collective

From Natalie Deeks, Naturopath

"We are so excited to be the winners of Excellence in Health and Wellbeing in the Wauchope & Hinterland Business awards. This award is a collective effort. As much as we are passionate about health and wellness, we are passionate about creating space for you to slow down, to breathe and to reconnect. We are here for you. Thank you for being an amazing community for us."

There can be no beauty without health

This is the philosophy behind The Wellness Collective. They provide a full range of modalities to support health, wellbeing and vibrant life. You are invited to channel the ancient art of wellness into a life-enhancing experience with the incredible collective of natural health practitioners.

Therapy options include:

  • Holistic Health

  • Naturopath

  • Yoga

  • Beauty Therapy

  • Bowen Therapy

  • Health Coach

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Monthly Workshops

An example is the Beginners Yoga Course

Starting a new practice should feel welcoming, not overwhelming. At The Wellness Studio, they understand that yoga for beginners isn’t one size fits all, so they have created beginners courses for all levels, life stages, and aspirations. Whether you’re highly active yet new to the world of yoga, or establishing a movement practice for the very first time, their beginner yoga course will introduce you to basic poses and techniques in a way that feels inspiring and accessible.

Mental well-being is so important

Now more than ever, be sure to put self care at the forefront of what you do. Take things slow, breathe, be kind to yourself, find the beauty in the small things, practice gratitude and smile. The Wellness Collective offer Reiki Therapy, Bowen and Hypnotherapy, Naturopathy, beauty and skin therapy, a hair stylist and personal yoga classes.

Fully qualified Naturopath @natalie_deeks is available for appointments to help support your individual health needs.


Address: 39 Cameron Street, Wauchope, NSW 2446

Ph: 0432 762 393


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