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Davis Farm scooped the pool!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

✦ 2022 Wauchope & Hinterland Business Awards

Taking out the top spot as Business of the Year, Winner of Outstanding Community Organisation and a Highly Commended in Health and Wellbeing - The Davis Farm Inc. were more than humble and extremely proud to be recognised in such a way by their community.

We spoke to AJ who told us, “We are so incredibly proud and grateful to have received this amazing recognition from our community. To be truthful, it really still hasn’t quite sunk in. We do what we do at the farm because we love it and feel like we can make a real difference, but receiving these awards was a really warm hug from the community to say 'we believe in your dream too'."

She feels blessed to have an amazing team at the farm of workers and volunteers who have played a big part in getting the farm to where it is today. “I’m so thankful to have them and for the hard work they put in every time they are at the farm,” she said.

Quite open about how the farm began

A Phoenix that rose from the ashes of COVID that to begin with was just a dream to become self-sufficient, more sustainable and lead happy lives. Mental health is a large part of the family's lives and the farm has really helped to heal the family after the struggles they went through.

From humble beginnings a little dream grew, and more and more people wanted to become a part of it. A responsibility was felt to share the gift they had and give others the opportunity to use the farm for their own healing.

“This is why it was easy to make the decision to run as a not for profit," explains AJ. "We always knew we were going to put everything back into the farm, but we also knew it would open the doors to partnerships and connections with other not for profits within the community, so we could connect with and help as many people as possible.”

About the Farm

When you visit The Davis Farm, at face value it would seem like a regular old farm with some cute animals and a little coffee hut. Fun for the kids, education about growing and harvesting their own food and animals, an opportunity to grab fresh produce or just have a coffee in the gardens.

You get to walk through the enclosures that the farm animals live in, you can hand feed the chickens, pat the pigs, and learn about what it's like to live off the land. You can walk through and experience the vegetable gardens and learn about growing your own food.

AJ continues, “But what we are trying to create is so much more. We are passionate about being all inclusive. And not just feeling welcome, but feeling part of our community, no matter your sexuality, nationality, disability, mental struggles or any other reason you may feel on the outside. We run volunteer programs for anyone at any skill level to be involved. We want to educate and talk openly about mental health and the benefits of eating seasonal fresh produce and the impact that has on mental health. We want to support our local community and create a culture of supporting and praising and celebrating each other.”

People are encouraged to spend time, slow down and just enjoy the outdoors. Play cricket on the backyard cricket pitch that's placed in the middle of the gardens, play chess on the large chessboard, picnic in the paddock or borrow a book from the community library and set up in the hammock.

So what’s in store in the future AJ?

“As we grow, the plan is to create more opportunities for more people to get involved. Non alcoholic events, celebrating minority groups, family events, fundraisers to support those who need it. Workshops that teach new skills like bee keeping, gardening, soap making, herb workshops and so many more. Weekly fresh farmers markets. All access garden beds to run gardening programs. Leasing plots for those that may not have the space or ability to grow their own food at home. Community singing groups and other wellness programs. Parents Patch which is a parenting group catch up with activities. The opportunities are endless and I can’t wait to see it all unfold.”

All photos from Chris Rockstroh, Meraki Photography.


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