Grazed & Grown Farm is taking orders for Christmas

Updated: Nov 9

✦ As regenerative agricultural farmers, Bec and Pete Armstrong from Grazed & Grown have some of the best food on the planet

What’s your favourite time of the year on the Farm, and why?

NOW is the time to visit the farm. Every season has its own attractions, but Springtime is the most exciting time with the pastures and wildlife basically springing into action. The warmer weather has been a bit late this year, so we are only now seeing the best of Spring.

Video: Grazed & Grown springing into action

The pastures are glowing with fresh lush vegetation and the sounds of energetic wildlife echoing through the fields. There is wildlife aplenty and the snakes have woken to enjoy the plethora of insects, frogs and small animals. Birds are singing and there are plenty of young birds with their training wings on. The longer days help us catch up on the ‘to do’ list.

Grazed & Grown is stunning on a clear day

Boasting views over Bago Bluff out to the ocean and of the rolling mountain ranges to the west, the farm is picturesque. "Comboyne is the best when the thick fog rolls in and you can’t see past your nose," Pete says. "We have had some cracking days to break up the ongoing rain, which is a challenge for farmers and livestock alike.”

Feeding, watering and moving the animal’s everyday is very time consuming, especially when almost 80 new piglets and a few Dorper lambs arrived this Spring.

“Apart from the usual moving, feeding, watering, head scratching and belly rubbing, now I have to find time to watch them play chasing and listening to the symphony as the sows feed the piglets," commented Pete. "We sneak up sometimes to witness the piglets stacked up at nap time, which puts a huge smile on your face!"

What's new on the farm?

Bec and Pete have been working with their butcher Lewie from Lewie’s Quality Meats to come up with some new cuts while trying to meet the demand for their legendary bacon and sausages. They have added some variety to their beef mince with 3 new options, each including 5% organ meat to the grass fed and finished beef.

The organ meats (heart, kidney and liver) are the most nutrient dense parts of the animals and each organ offers different health boosting benefits. The addition of 5% organ meat means customers are introduced to organ meats in a non confronting way, gaining health benefits and experiencing nose to tail eating.

Preparations in full swing for Christmas

Pete and Bec have been madly gearing up for the festive season. December through January is a busy time for everyone with lots of celebrations and the warmer weather shifts eating patterns from the warming winter foods to bbq’s and salads.

Grazed & Grown has you covered for your Christmas and New Year feasts. The Festive Season is all about catching up with friends and family, sports club celebrations and work parties. All of these occasions focus around food, and quality matters at these events.

This is the perfect time for people to reflect upon where your food is coming from. How far has it travelled, how was it produced and what are the environmental implications? One solution is to buy local from a farmer you know and trust. There are so many of them on your doorstep, producing some of the best food on the planet.