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TORTUGA Festival's Superhero Performers!

✦ To celebrate TORTUGA Festival returning to Port Macquarie's Westport Park on 22nd September 2023, we had an exclusive chat with some of the stars.

Tortuga Festival Port Macquarie | Brilliant Online

We asked some of the Untamed Cabaret and Best of Kids Cabaret performers what super skills they possess and which super hero they would be if they could and why?

Lilikoi Kaos - aka "The Hawaiian Hurricane"

Lilikoi Kaos - performing at the 2023 Tortuga Festival | Brilliant Online

Lilikoi Kaos hailed as the Hawaiian Hurricane has hypnotised audiences from London to New York, Buenos Aires to… Port Macquarie with her heart-breaking hip-shaking hula-hooping and unparalleled comic timing.

Super skills: hula hoops, side-show stunts, whips...

"I would probably be Storm because she has a really specific skill set, that looks cool but isn’t super helpful in most situations… But gosh, she looks magnificent, fierce, intimidating and often scarily possessed,” Lilikoi told us.

Imaan Hadchiti

Imaan Hadchiti appeared on our cover page July 2022 edition.

Super Skills: making people laugh. And think. And laugh some more...

Fun fact: Imaan starred in Thor: Love and Thunder alongside Chris Hemsworth.

Standing at just 3 feet 4 inches, Imaan holds the Guinness World Record for “The World’s Shortest Comedian”.

“I would probably be Batman.. for the anonymity of it. And the cars and I'd finally be able to afford to buy a property,” Imaan told us.

Jacqueline Furey - aka "The Human Heatwave"

Jacqueline Furey is a purveyor of the beautiful and bizarre straddling the worlds of sideshow, circus and burlesque in rhinestoned stilettos. Furey made her name as a trained dancer turned stripteaser, soon adding a myriad of risqué skills to her performance repertoire. As a fan dancer, fire eater, sword swallower, knife target girl, hair hanger and then some, she has graced stages from gilded theatres to grand circus tents the world over.

Super Skills: sword swallowing, burlesque, fire eating...

“If I were a superhero, I would be Dr Manhattan. The colour blue really suits me. I love being nude all the time and living life as an eternal, unknowable and all powerful being is how I conduct myself normally anyway,” Jacqueline told us.

Danik Abishev

Born into a Russian circus family, Danik Abishev started performing at age four. He toured with Soviet Union state circuses and in China he earned the title of Honoured Artist of Russia. After relocating to Brisbane, he continued his global performance career. Working with Tom Tom Crew in the Middle East and South America, he later wowed Australia on Australia's Got Talent.

Danik Abishev, hand balance, Honoured Artist of Russia will be performing at the Tortuga Show in Port Macquarie | Brilliant Online

Super Skills: handstands, planches, superhuman strength.

As seen on Australia’s Got Talent. Has also received the title of Honoured Artist of Russia.

“If I was approached with this question 30 years ago I’d choose different, but I’m 38 now, and after all the walk-ins, hijackings and implants I have no choice but to go with Venom,” Danik told us.

LIMBO Handbalancer Danik Abishev gives us a closer look at some of the amazing moves he does at shows.

We can’t wait to see these incredible performers at the Tortuga Festival!

Untamed Cabaret runs 23rd September- 8th October, tickets start at $50.

Best of Kids Cabaret runs from 1st- 8th October, $100 for a family pass.


Full Festival Program here

Flying Trapeze Workshops information here

Visit for tickets and information.


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